What does Asian handicap mean?

Asian handicaps scare newcomers with the complexity of calculations, but to understand it is easier than it seems.

In betting on the Asian handicap in parimatch company case of failure you can save half the amount. In this article, we will break down what an Asian handicap is, as well as the difference between normal and Asian handicaps.

What is a handicap in sports betting

A handicap is a number which is added to the result of an athlete or team at the end of an event or part of it. For example, points, pucks, goals, games, corners, yellow cards and so on.

Regular Handicap in Betting

The notation of an ordinary handicap consists of three elements:

  • The letter "F".
  • The number of the team.
  • Brackets with an integer or a decimal with five tenths.

For example: F1(2.5), F2(-1.5), F1(-3), F2(1) and so on.

A normal handicap with a fractional number goes in or loses. No comeback is possible.

Let's say you bet on F1(-1.5) on corner kicks in the Inter vs Benfica match. Add (-1.5) to the number of corners for the home team. If the score on corners in favor of "Inter", the bet won.

On the usual handicap with an integer can be a win, a loss or a comeback.

For example, you took F2(2) on yellow cards in the match Lokomotiv vs Zenit. Add (2) to the number of warnings to the guests. If the yellow card score is in favor of "Zenit", the bet won. A draw will result in a return.

What is an Asian Handicap?

The Asian handicap entry in betting consists of three elements:

  • The letter "F".
  • The team number.
  • A decimal with 75 or 25 after the period.

E.g. F2(1.75), F2(-1.25), F1(2.25), F1(-0.75).

Also the Asian handicap in betting is called the Asian handicap.

In the Asian handicap the bet amount is divided into two halves between the neighboring normal handicaps. For example, for F2(-2.25) is F2(-2) and F2(-2.5). Both halves of the bet on the Asian handicap are calculated by the rules of the regular handicap.

For example, you bet on F2(-1.75) in the Rubin-Barcelona match. The bet amount is divided into two halves between F2(-1.5) and F2(-2).

If the guests won with a difference of three or more goals, the bet went in full. If "Barcelona" won with a difference of two goals, half of the bet passed, and the other half will be refunded.

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