Yellow card betting strategy

General characteristics of the strategy

This game tactic only applies to soccer. It is used in any game you like, presented in the line BC: championships, champions leagues and "regular" matches.

The hitch may be present in different card counting methodology, for this, immediately clarify the issue arising from the BK parimatch. Each office counts differently.

Some bookmakers count the number of cards shown by the referee during the entire match. Other bookmakers give the sum of cards in the form of points. A yellow card - two points, a red card - five points. Accordingly, the match total will also be presented in points, but not in the number of yellow cards. The numbers vary, each office sets their values based on its policy. Before you bet money and start the game, be sure to clarify the rules with the office, so there won't be any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Part of the foreign BKs provide the number of cards in the form of three-way totals:

  • Under 4.
  • 4-6 cards
  • More than 6 cards

For players, this variation presents difficulties, because - out of three variants it is more difficult to choose and guess. The chance of losing increases. But in case of winning, there is a chance to earn good money because of high odds (they are raised in a three-way variant).

Distinctive features of the bets

In most cases, participants choose important matches on the basis of tournament table data. And the bet is made on the total more. When the match is important, some players, due to excitement and worries, begin to conduct aggressive tactics of the game. This approach can be called a reasonable one. If the match is important to the team, it will make every effort to win. And those efforts will not always be "correct" in relation to their opponents.

Nobody forbids to bet on the total less, but there is a certain nuance: a lot depends on the team itself and the referees. There are soccer teams known for their brutality and aggressive play. We can think of Calcio (Italy) and Primero (Spain). These teams are known for their excessive emotionality and peculiar style of play. Referees don't skimp on yellow cards and issue warnings from almost the first seconds of the game. Bookmakers put low odds on these matches, but the total is higher. Some teams play culturally without taking any unnecessary liberties. For example, Bayern (Germany). In their matches, the maximum number of cards does not exceed two. Referees are also loyal to the players and do not throw penalties away.

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