SELCO Foundation
Energy for Health Program
Designation: Product Architect

About SELCO Foundation:

Established in 2010, SELCO Foundation’s mission is to develop holistic solutions that use sustainable energy as a catalyst to address poverty alleviation alongside ensuring environmental sustainability. SELCO's interventions have lead to the sustainable delivery of essential services such as healthcare, and enable improvements in livelihoods productivity; impacting more than 7 million people till date. The foundation does this by developing enabling conditions, i.e an ecosystem for sustainable energy solutions which is locally developed, adopted, scaled and institutionalized through stakeholders including government agencies, financiers, local NGOs and enterprises.

Core to the organization are its values on inclusion, compassion, agency, resiliency and sustainability. Through its work, SELCO Foundation aims to create a benchmark for innovation systems in a manner that people and planet are at the centre.

Background: Energy for Health Program

Healthcare today, without considering the potential services to the un-catered populations in the world, is the 5th most polluting industry. The proposed program can help improve the quality of health services in a decentralized manner, while also making it a less carbon intensive sector. This program can prove to be the low hanging fruit for achieving SDG13 and SDG3 via SDG7. We believe that provision of 100% renewable energy and green building infrastructure for healthcare facilities, will democratize the much needed health services in the remote regions within India and account for future pandemic preparedness.
The goal of this program is to strengthen delivery of healthcare for over 170 million people by reliably and sustainably powering 25,000 public health facilities in remote, rural, climate and socio-economically vulnerable regions across 12 states in India by 2026. 

Key Responsibilities:

Build the tech vision and strategy: The Product Architect must work with the Program team to implement the technology strategy of the program.

Set design principles, create reference architectures and make key tech choices: Product Architect will define the key architectural principles and reference architecture that helps the mission to deliver on its strategy and plans. In making these choices he/she will need to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders - health facility staff, communities, governments and market actors. He/she will also be responsible for keeping up to date with emerging technologies and making the choices on tech building blocks.

Based on the vision for the mission/program, and a clear understanding of the platform needs, the product architect has to:

  • Map out the components that will constitute platform solutions and how they are going to work together.
  • Promote architectural and development best practices. Have the ability to do API design, DB design etc.
  • Ensure projects are designed within approved architectural standards. Have deep knowledge of security concepts: various authentication, authorisation, auditing mechanisms; standards such as W3C and OWASP; ability to debug and identify performance issues.
  • Lead design reviews (including service design) and implement best design principles.
  • Provide technical leadership in all aspects of SDLC, including system analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to bring in a fresh perspective; generate imaginative ideas and approaches.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Experience in end-to-end design and development of complex, at scale platforms
  • Ability to work with large teams, mentor and train developers
  • Experience with technologies such as Java, micro services, API driven development, RDBMS, Restful web services, Spring framework, Javascript, NodeJS, HTML5 and exposure to DevOps processes

Who you are

You are deeply motivated by designing and delivering stuff to users at scale and have the stamina to see it all the way through. You are curious and always seeking newer and better ways of solving problems. You are constantly reading about the latest tech, going to meetups and conferences. Also, you challenge your team-mates to read up on something new and try it out. Tinkering. Breaking toys to see how they work are qualities that you had as a kid. You can communicate effectively to diverse stakeholders and can build relationships both outside and within organisations. You are able to see the big picture and break down the tech vision to a design strategy. We know you are ruthlessly goal oriented, composed under pressure, reliable and dependable


Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. Please send a copy of your CV with a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this role to with “Re: Application for Product Architect – Energy for Health SELCO Foundation” in the subject line.