Energy Access Models

Customizing delivery models to cater to the social, geographical, political and economical context of individuals, households, institutes and communities.

Access to long-term sustainable basic energy access for very poor, vulnerable and remote households continues to be a challenge in communities across different geographies. Most of these communities resort to using kerosene or dirty fuel which leads to- overall poor quality of life resulting in long term health consequences; lost opportunities to increase incomes and unsafe environment, especially for children to pursue good quality education.

The above-mentioned lack of energy is directly linked to poor access to affordable long-term finance. Unable to build long-term assets that is critical for them to propel out of poverty permanently, instead the poor are caught up in a vicious cycle of poverty because of expensive local debt (via local money lenders). The solutions under this category, look at models that make sustainable energy solutions accessible to vulnerable tribal communities.

Energy Access Models projects

Global Replication

The centers aim to positively impact quality of life and livelihoods by addressi

Lok Seva Kendra

Centre providing basic print services to serve regular needs of tribal communiti

Training of Trainers

The initiative aims to train trainers to reach more potential technicians and de


Strengthening financial capital of drum-makers using sustainable frameworks.

Home Lighting

Decentralized renewable energy solution for rural electrification

Light For Education

Solar powered Lighting for underprivileged students


Mini-grid can be a sustainable energy access model, given appropriate financial

Inventing Green

To make renewable energy systems into sustainable energy systems by re-looking a

Training of Bankers

The initiative aims to inspire bankers to create and implement numerous financia

Energy Planning

Decentralized Renewable Energy has a larger role to play in planning for 24×

Taxation – VAT

Imposition of taxes on renewable energy products is contradictory in effect to G

Grid Integrated Minigrid System

Integrating decentralized renewable energy solutions with existing utilities inf

Energy Centers

Centrally charged solar powered hubs for that provide access to need based servi

Portable Water Pump

Solar Powered Portable Water Pumps for Small Holding Farmers.

Solar Powered Health Clinic

The clinics promote wellbeing in living and working environments through sustain


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