Redefining ‘affordability’ by building an ecosystem of long term asset financing for low income communities

“Renewable energy is expensive” is one of the most popular arguments opposing greater dissemination of renewable energy sources. Providing a product that comes with an installment based payment in line with the cash flows of the rural household, plays an important role in uptake of small scale renewable energy systems, overcoming the burden of putting down a large one-time payment. Risk perceptions, cost of finance (from Banks, MFIs, local financial institutions) and collateral requirements may become prohibitive factors for end users to access credit. The use and adoption of innovative financing mechanisms that reduce the risk of bankers, increasing access to loans, improve credit conditions for entrepreneurs etc. are essential in bolstering the financing link.


Low Income Housing

Through various slum recognition projects land plots are allotted to people who

LSK (Lok Seva Kendra)

Centre providing basic print services to serve regular needs of tribal communiti

Portable Housing

Improved temporary housing solutions for migrant settlements via energy efficien

Solar Looms

Developing a thriving ecosystem for decentralized weaver clusters through clean

Training of Bankers

The initiative aims to inspire bankers to create and implement numerous financia

Micro-Entrepreneur Development

The program supports Micro Enterprises and the corresponding eco-system, through

Blacksmithy Blower

Renewable energy solution combined with affordable finance for poor blacksmiths.

Sewing Machine

Expanding livelihood opportunities and encouraging entrepreneurial growth of tai

Roti Rolling

Increasing and stabilizing incomes for Roti making entreprenuers by providing re

Solar Powered Health Clinic

The clinics promote wellbeing in living and working environments through sustain


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