SHG owned flour milling linked to aganwadis

Solar powered flour milling solution at Mothercare NGO, Odisha

Agriculture Livelihood


Mothercare is a Self Help group which was organized to address the nutrition needs of the Kankubadi village. The prominent crop cultivated in the region are millets (specifically ragi) with other horticulture produce. Most of the community members are engaged in farming and cattle rearing as their primary occupation, on lean seasons they migrate for daily wage labour.



Solar Powered Pulveriser for Flour Grinding/Milling was adopted by the SHG.


The flour mill has made milling services easily accessible within the community. Also, has given rise to self consumption quantities, instead otherwise would have been sold off to markets. Thereby hindering one’s own food security and sustainability.

The surplus quantities among the farmers in region is purchased by the SHG and further sold to Anganwadis in the village as part of Odisha Millet Mission programme.

Pre Intervention Scenario

Flour milling was carried out manually within the village or a processing center away from the village was accessed for the service. Since, flour milling was carried out manually, the drudgery caused was immense particular for the women in the community