Optimised Built Environments for Improved Energy Affordability, Comfort and Resilience

Democratising access to wellbeing and productive liveable environments in a climate-stressed world through innovation that incorporates passive and active design strategies as per the needs of the Poor

With rising climate change, the lack of space cooling/heating solutions is a major inequality issue. The most adversely affected are the poor and those living in densely populated areas that are prone to disasters and stressors. Inefficient habitats and inefficient construction technologies have increased energy expenditures and building operational costs across the globe. An inclusive technology innovation approach that combines both active and passive lighting and cooling/heating solutions is pertinent for the poor to be able to optimise on their active energy needs.

Solutions developed address problems across the following uses and are contextualised to geography and climatic stresses

Household Well-being


Institutions for the Unerserved

Shelters for Disaster and Displacement