Quick Design-Build in response to COVID-19 Second Wave

100 Bedded COVID-19 Specialty Care Hospital

COVID Care Centre in Bangalore

Built Environments Covid-19


During the first COVID 19 outbreak in India, many State run hospitals, as well as NGO run hospitals were designated as COVID hospitals. Infrastructure was under-par both in terms of the Built Environment and Energy System capacity of the designated hospitals.


Quick construction

The construction of the COVID care center was completed within 21 days.


Climate Responsive Design

The hospital is designed to ensure comfort within the space by providing plenty of openings and using insulated materials.


Integrated Renewable Energy

Continuous supply of energy is required to maintain any COVID center. Provision of energy from solar ensures an uninterrupted supply.


The COVID Hospitals SELCO Foundation worked with faced the following problems

Lack of dedicated infrastructure
With need to separate COVID affected patients and general patients, hospitals were forced to not offer either one of the services so as to avoid risk of cross contamination

Lack of Reliable and Clean Energy
Many hospitals regularly face power outages and voltage fluctuations which cause equipment damages.

Poor Well-being of Staff
With frequent energy access issues as well as shortages in space and infrastructure, hospital staff were not able to perform their duties effectively.

Requirements of the Center

1. Stand-alone and modular hospital infrastructure made with climate resilient designs

2. Customized Solar Energy Systems with Energy Efficiency Drives

3. 100 beds divided into 70 oxygenated beds, 20 High Dependency Units(HDU) beds and 10 Intensive Care Units (ICU) beds.

“As the cases of COVID are rapidly rising, the quick and efficient construction of COVID Care Centers becomes important. In the Yelahanka center, we have been able to achieve this.”


Dr. Ravikant Singh

Founder, Doctors For You


Quick construction of the COVID care center has enabled faster response to the pandemic

Provision of all required equipment, along with reliable energy connections through solar has ensure smooth running of the hospital, even in times of energy