Strengthening last mile health delivery for improved resilience of communities by powering healthcare infrastructure with sustainable energy and shifting to energy efficient equipments and buildings

Unreliable, unaffordable access to energy and the lack of appropriate appliances reduce the efficacy and impact of healthcare services. It is critical to the proper storage of vaccines, uninterrupted use of essential medical equipment and diagnostic devices including vaccine cold chain equipment, baby warmers, Maternal Kits (for Antenatal checkups), NCD kits (to diagnose and screen Non Communicable Diseases) and access customized lighting and communications for a variety of medical services.

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SELCO’s Last-Mile Healthcare Delivery Solutions for Tribal Community in Odisha


Solutions developed for problem statements arising from the ground, span across the healthcare sector and need to be customised across geographies

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Basic Healthcare Delivery Needs

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Maternal and Child Care

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COVID-19 Solutions

By accounting for energy efficiency and optimization, we enable healthcare services to be delivered at the last mile. Along with efficient technologies and built environments, financial and social innovations are carried out for long term sustainability.

SELCO Foundation has scaled and implemented solutions in 1000+ health facilities across the country.

These implementations have been done in partnership with State Governments, Health Departments and Civil Society Organizations.

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