Sustainable Energy for Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the key economic sectors for the poor across the world, particularly in developing countries. Current challenges in agriculture are exacerbated by climate change which is resulting in catastrophic economic and social losses to farmers.

North Eastern Region
Hilly Terrain, Floods, Remote and Limited Infrastructure

Innovations in the agricultural sector do not consider the needs of small and marginal farmers who have limited access to capital, need to diversify to be viable and cannot take on increased energy burdens. With most farmers lacking access to machinery, increased access to inefficient machinery would result in increased GHG emissions.

The solutions demonstrated by SELCO Foundation under this portfolio focus on optimising production for farmers while reducing input costs and furthering gains at a price realisation level.

SELCO Foundation works with core Agriculture stakeholders to develop Sustainable Energy driven Solutions across the Value Chain. Our focus is to improve prosperity and resilience of small and marginal farmers



Post Harvest Management

Post Harvest Conversion

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