Farmers possess the remarkable opportunity to amplify their income twofold by embracing on-farm processing and value addition. Energy plays a critical role in making this happen; hence, for resilient farm activities, decentralized renewable energy sources are harnessed to run the machinery. This document is an effort to create a repository of farmers who have emerged resilient against all odds showcasing sustainable and resilient ecosystems in agriculture and allied sectors. These farmers are champions who offer valuable insights into the seamless integration of technology and decentralized sustainable energy to make their businesses economically and socially viable. Central to our endeavours is an exploration into the viewpoints of exemplary farmers. These individuals offer insights into best practices adopted by a farmer to enhance livelihood opportunities at the farm level. It stresses the growing need for post-harvest processing aspects, i.e., whatever is grown on the farm, is procured (collectives) and processed into finished (end) products through machinery and decentralized renewable energy. The importance of these case studies lies in their ability to inspire and encourage a greater number of farmers to adopt best practices through decentralized renewable energy interventions. Moreover, they underscore the synergy between diverse sectors, such as Animal Husbandry and Agriculture and Resilient Micro Business and Agriculture. Our overarching strategy entails crafting distinct models with the potential for seamless replication across various districts, states, and even nations. Additionally, it also involves unlocking different schemes and policies of Central and State like PMFME, MUDRA, AIF and other linkages leveraging the support from different sources, making it affordable for common and collective farmer.