We foster and inspire local entrepreneurs in developing enterprises that deliver need based, sustainable energy driven solutions to underserved communities.

In 2014, SELCO Foundation recognised the need for a niche incubator, adopting a holistic solution approach to incubation. The approach looked at the development of both the enterprise and the ecosystem that the enterprise operates in. This is crucial to developing opportunities for social entrepreneurship.

Holistic Incubation Processes
Support that extends beyond training to business development support, partnerships and investments

Practitioner Experience
Leverage on over 25 years of practitioner experience across the SELCO Family

Ecosystem Support
Local ecosystem development through financial, technological linkages and skill development

Incubation Benefits

The SELCO Incubation center utilizes SELCO’s shared resources, management expertise, intellectual capital, and bottom-up learning over the past 22 years to enhance the capacity and vision of potential incubatees.

Checkmark Icon Access to working capital

Checkmark Icon Geographic and supply chain constraints

Checkmark Icon Lack of defined poor centric products

Checkmark Icon Access to innovation funding

Checkmark Icon Availability of trained workforce

Checkmark Icon Poorly formulated policies

Checkmark Icon Access to end-user credit

Checkmark Icon Understanding needs of the poor

Checkmark Icon Social mission retention and scale-up