Solar Powered Flour mill

Shivamma, Individual Entrepreneur, Tulsikere, Chamrajnagar, Karnataka

Agriculture Livelihood


Shivamma and her family of 4 reside in in a remote off grid region named Tulisere in Chamrajnagar. Her husband was the primary bread earner of the family, he is a seasonal migrant worker at construction sites in Mysore. They own 2 acres of land where they cultivate ragi, turmeric with other horticulture produce, such is the case of most households in the region. Ragi is a vital part of theirs and their communities everyday diets.



Solar Powered Pulveriser for Flour Grinding/Milling


Shivamma’s flour mill caters to 50- 60 households in the region, which has aided her to generate a additional source of income for her and her family. She approximately generates INR 5200 per month from the milling services she offers for her community.

Pre Intervention Scenario

Community members had to travel to the town area 8 kms away coupled with poor accessible roads, poor modes of transport to cover this distance they often travel by foot to flour mill their ragi. They spent about INR 50 to cover these distance via shared vans.