Solar Powered Rice Mill

Solar Powered Rice Milling Service in Haliberu Village, Karnataka

Individual entrepreneur model

Agriculture Livelihood


Haliberu village is situated near Kolluru, Kundapura Taluk, Udupi District. This village is 75 km away from district headquarters. This village has 71 households. All 71 households are involved in agriculture. Major crops of this village are Arecanut, Cashew, and Paddy. All families involved in paddy farming. Each farmer/family grows 10 to 15 quintal paddy in 1 to 3 acre land per year which is close to 78 tons per year. Most of the paddy is used for the self-consumption of each family and very few farmers are selling paddy to local contacts or market.



A solar-powered rice huller and polisher was installed on this site in Aug 2019.

Pre Intervention Scenario

All farmers are taking paddy to the rice mill which is located 4 to 5 km away from the village. This is the present practice of paddy hulling in this village. Rice mills charge Rs.3/- per kg rice. Road access to the villages is very poor, because of this transportation is very Difficult in this village. After seeing this opportunity, the potential of doing solar-powered rice Huller in this village was identified and found Mr. Anand a micro-entrepreneur in this village.



As of now, the entrepreneur is able to hull around 200 kg to 400kg per week. As per him, he is earning INR 1200 per week. And this is because of offseason most of the farmer had done hulling and sold paddy. Now paddy is coming for hulling which they have kept for family consumption.