Title Consultancy for creating Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) integrated Entrepreneurship Development Modules
Timeline 2 Months - Aug’23 to Oct’23
Form to submit https://forms.gle/tFjM5oQW8e18wXjF9
Last date for submission of Proposal 10th August,2023

About SELCO Foundation :

SELCO Foundation is an open-source, not-for-proft organization that engages in feld-based R&D and ecosystem building for the deployment of clean energy solutions that alleviate poverty by improving access to sustainable energy to underserved communities in tribal, rural, and urban poor areas. The organization works in collaboration with practitioners in the social sector, energy entrepreneurs, NGOs from various developmental sectors, and educational institutions to link the benefts of sustainable energy to poverty eradication. The organization works across verticals such as energy access, health, and livelihoods with practitioners in the social sector, energy entrepreneurs, and partners from various developmental sectors.

You can find more information about the SELCO Foundation on our organization’s website.

Background :

SELCO Foundation has been working on providing alternative livelihood opportunities to rural entrepreneurs, using Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) as a catalyst to facilitate dignifed living, increased incomes, reduced drudgery and improved work productivity through the integration of climate inclusive technologies into livelihood practices for the underserved communities.

SELCO aims to transform the efciency of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) initiatives towards poverty alleviation. It recognizes and is building on the potential of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) to develop scalable and inclusive livelihood solutions that can build resilience and long term sustainability among communities.

Over the years, through the learnings from our work, we have realized the importance of building entrepreneurial skills that can further enhance and sustain DRE integrated livelihood solutions for rural entrepreneurswho we work with.

Aim and Objectives:

The primary aim of this consultancy is to integrate the basics of DRE as well as the scope, opportunities and impacts of different types of DRE driven livelihoods; into the existing entrepreneurship development modules for rural entrepreneurs.

The objectives that can be accomplished as a result of this consultancy are :

  • To create awareness about DRE driven technology solutions for new and existing rural entrepreneurs through the EDP training.
  • To boost the involvement of new and existing rural entrepreneurs in clean energy solutions and promote the adoption of DRE integrated technologies for carrying out their livelihood activities.
  • To provide DRE integrated enterprise training and capacity building for existing rural entrepreneurs who have established micro businesses in either servicing, retail, food production, textiles or manufacturing sectors at large.

The overarching goal is to foster an entrepreneurial mindset to strengthen DRE driven rural enterprises by facilitating training & capacity building for business development and growth.

Scope of Work :

To f integrate a comprehensive training on the ‘Why, What and How’ of DRE driven livelihoods for rural entrepreneurs into the existing entrepreneurship development modules. The DRE integrated entrepreneurship development training is intended for rural entrepreneurs who either have existing micro businesses or are interested in starting their new micro businesses.

The consultant is expected to design two types of DRE based entrepreneurship training content that can be integrated into the existing entrepreneurship development module :

A] Module 1 : Basic Module

The basic module will contain the following :

  • Basics of DRE - what is DRE, the benefits of DRE
  • Types of DRE integrated livelihoods including technologies and specifications, user typologies, ownership modules, use cases, cost range etc.
  • Pre-requisites and process for DRE integration within existing or new businesses.
  • Case Studies

All types of rural entrepreneurs can avail basic training for DRE driven livelihoods.

B] Module 2: Advance Thematic Module

The advance module will contain the following:

  • Basics of DRE and Types of DRE integrated livelihoods
  • Business models for different types of DRE driven livelihoods in the servicing, retail, food production, textiles or manufacturing sectors at large.
  • Case Studies
  • Exposure Visits (Optional)

The advanced module is tailored to businesses within the above-mentioned sectors, with focus on DRE based business and financial modelling.

The consultant is expected to integrate the above information into the existing basic and advanced entrepreneurship development modules. Business modelling of different DRE driven livelihoods has to be combined with the financial and business plan specified in the existing training modules.


Content development for 2 types of DRE integrated entrepreneurship development modules (basic and advanced) in English, Hindi, Kannada, Odiya and Assamese.

Please Note: While there are some specific outputs mentioned above, the final deliverables will be detailed based on the emerging entrepreneurship modules. A progress review and discussion with SELCO’s team will be scheduled every week.


The consultancy will be offered for a b>duration of 2 months once the onboarding is complete.

Required Expertise and Qualification:

An agency or institution with the following expertise and qualification

  • Extensive expertise, knowledge, and minimum 10 years of experience in developing content for rural entrepreneurship training and capacity building.
  • Experience creating content for renewable energy-related livelihood activities and business modelling will be an added benefit.
  • Proven experience of minimum 10 years in end to end designing of different types of rural entrepreneurship development modules and conducting training with other organizations across India (preferably states of Jharkhand, Odisha, North East etc)
  • Resources to develop the module in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Kannada, Odia, Assamese etc as required. (Negotiable in the quotation)

Quotation and Fee:

  • Fixed as per the agreement between consultant and SELCO Foundation. Please provide your proposal and quotation for the above requirements. (Translation charges separate)
  • Organizations are requested to send in their detailed proposal with financial quotation, (mandatory) supporting documents, and a brief note on their understanding of this assignment, their ft for the same, and how they intend to approach the assignment.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The proposal and quotation are inclusive of all necessary taxes and costs applicable.
  • All relevant files, including editable versions of the deliverables, need to be provided by the consultant. SELCO Foundation has the right to use the materials as per needs.
  • Kindly mention your name, address, contact information and GST details (if applicable) along with the correct bank details and signature in the proposal and quotation; to be drafted on the consultant’s letterhead.

Interested consultants/organizations, with relevant experience (please include references of previous similar work as proof of experience), team member details working on the project are requested to reach out with a detailed proposal giving a brief on the methodology and the process they will uptake for this project, including budgets (with break-ups and explanation), timelines and milestones and apply/submit the same to google form https://forms.gle/tFjM5oQW8e18wXjF9 on or before 10 August ’23. Any further queries, please write to procurement@selcofoundation.org