Title Consultancy Service for Young Girls as Future Sustainability Ambassadors Program (Phase 1)
Timeline 6 Month
Last Date of Submission 30th August 2023
Link to Apply https://forms.gle/aygFq1t4u8gBG1p87

About SELCO Foundation:

SELCO Foundation is an open source, not for profit organization that engages in field-based R&D and ecosystem building for deployment of clean energy solutions that alleviate poverty by improving access to sustainable energy to underserved communities in tribal, rural and urban poor areas. The organization works in collaboration with energy entrepreneurs, NGOs from various developmental sectors and educational institutions to link the benefits of sustainable energy to poverty eradication. The organization works across verticals such as energy access, health, livelihoods with practitioners in the social sector, energy entrepreneurs and partners from various developmental sectors. Please find more information on our website: https://selcofoundation.org/


Unrealistic expectations and stereotyped gender roles have time and again prevented numerous young girls and women from taking the path of innovation and entrepreneurship. SELCO aims to change the status quo for women and hopes to make it a level playing field for women leaders from all walks of life to innovate, invent, create enterprises, and rise the ranks of any organization they may choose.

SELCO Foundation hopes to facilitate the creation of numerous platforms in the underserved areas, to encourage women and girls to become equal partners in this endeavor. SELCO shall work with many grassroots institutions, vocational schools like ITIs and Rudsetti, sector experts and local governments across the country to create pipelines to select, mentor and financially support women and young girls as future sustainability ambassadors. Published press release for the same: https://devinfo.in/futuresustainability-ambassadors-program-for-girls/

Aim and Objectives:

SELCO is keen on laying the foundation for the program on ‘Young Girls and Women as Future Sustainability Ambassadors.’ The program aims at providing equitability, just representation and inclusive decision makingto women and young girls from varied backgrounds across India.

A critical part of the program is aimed at empowering25000 Young Girls as Future Sustainability Ambassadorsin line with the UN2030 Goals. Through the program, we hope to work with underserved communities including rural/tribal youth, youth facing climate vulnerabilities etc.

The idea is to build multiple holistic platforms for young girls in the field of sustainability by creating channels for them to adopt alternative career choices, to attain financial independence and to enable their overall wellbeing.


We intend to leverage the e consultant’s expertise in nurturing youth leadership, building agency in young girls and developing youth/gender centric curricula through this program. SELCO will layer in the gender and climate lens with sustainable energyas the underlying factor. The consultant must have resources and networks to carry out the work in Karnataka, Odisha and the Northeastern states (namely Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram) in addition to their existing areas of operation.

Scope of Work:

The consultant is expected to conceptualize and design the pre-implementation part Phase 1 of the mentioned program. The pre-implementation phase will focus on the overarching concept and strategythat can inform the second phase ie. the implementation phase.

The first phase will cover the following aspects:

  • Conducting secondary research and studies on existing national/global youth and gender led frameworks and programmes for benchmarking best practices and processes
  • Developing the program narrative, problem statement, goals & objectives, milestones, outputs and outcomes.
  • Creating a framework including the overall strategy and approach (including stakeholder matrix, levels and types of engagements, audience, dissemination and outreach, impact assessment, monitoring & evaluation etc)

    Please Note: While there are some detailed outputs mentioned in the annexure, the deliverables will be detailed based on the emerging program design. A progress review will be scheduled every 2 weeks.


The consultancy will be offered for a duration of 6 months once the onboarding is complete.

Quotation and Fee:

Fixed as per the agreement between consultant and SELCO Foundation. Please provide your proposal and quotation for the above-mentioned program requirements

Terms and Conditions:

  • The proposal and quotation should be inclusive of all necessary taxes and costs applicable.
  • All relevant files, including editable versions of the deliverables, need to be provided by the consultant. SELCO Foundation has the right to use the materials as per their needs
  • Kindly mention your name, address, contact information along with correct bank details and signature in the proposal and quotation.
  • Please ensure you have a valid GST Number, irrespective of your registered company (Trust, NGO, For Profit)
  • SELCO Foundation is open to onboarding multiple consultants who may be interested and/or have expertise in working on a specific part of the scope of work mentioned in the TOR.


Suggestions on the types of activities/studies/research that can be planned

  • Expanding on the Contexts/ Subculture / Vulnerabilities/ Thematic
  • Categorization of the target group (based on contexts, demographics etc)
  • Defining the phase of transitions(youth) for the selected Contexts/ Subculture/ Vulnerabilities/ Demographics etc.
  • How can we better understand these phases and create need-based responses?
  • What are the observed hooks for young people/ girls?
  • What are the channels to push young girls towards sustainable development/careers?
  • Type of content that can be used to engage young people/girls
  • Different experiences that aid and influence mind shift for our young ambassadors
  • Types of stakeholders who work closely with young people/girls
  • How does/can each stakeholder group influence young people/girls
  • Type and Depth of Engagements with young people/girls (defining co-creators)

Based on the above explorations, expected outputs are:

1) Secondary/Desk Research (including but not limited to SELCO's work)

  • 1 analysis report on current and past global and national programs and its subsequent benchmarks (for eg. SEWF Youth movement-urban and rural)
  • 1 consolidated list of recommendations that can be adopted from existing programs by other partners and champions in the field
  • 1 report mapping different aspects of sustainability for young girls and women (owing to regional differences)

2) Audience Analysis

  • Parameters for the selection of location and participants
  • Thorough analysis of the needs of the young girls during the transition phase through focus group discussions, various workshops etc (conduct at least 6 in 6 months)

3) Stakeholder Matrix

  • Map possible partners for implementation–local civic or govt bodies, CSO’s, NGO’s, organisations, gender think tanks, grassroot champions
  • Define scope of partnership
  • Scope at least existing 6 youth sustainability champions in selected geographies

4) Program Design and Development

  • Roping in gender and youth experts to incorporate suggestions or perhaps form an advisory board
  • Create an engagement framework: define phases of the program and different engagements (based on different themes, age group, depth, partners and geography etc)
  • To conclude Phase 1, we must have the following: no. of fellowships, no of master trainer workshops in different institutions, no of champions created by the end of pilot.

5) Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy

  • Parameters for success of the program
  • Qualitative benchmark of a young sustainability champion

6) Outreach and Messaging

  • Understanding the motivation for the youth to engage with such platforms to progressively move towards a cultural shift in the long run.
  • Developing the medium and the tools for messaging and outreach. Examples - Role play by rural communities in the form of skits, puppetry, Jagriti Yatra etc.

Application Process:

Interested consultants are requested to send their CVs, with a note on previous experience relevant to this project (maximum of 1 page on last experience). Submit the details with detailed financial proposal to google form https://forms.gle/aygFq1t4u8gBG1p87

Any further queries please write to procurement@selcofoundation.org