Title Designing an Android Application for Digitalization of Site Assessments and Streamlining Data Collection
Project Area Assessment and Data collection
Timeline 1 Months
Last date for submission of Proposal 21st June,2023
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1. About SELCO Foundation

SELCO Foundation has been established with the mission of achieving rural development and conservation of the environment by promoting the use of sustainable energy. SELCO Foundation, for the past twelve years has been working on field-based R&D work and has developed various models, and processes, in sectors of basic energy access, health, education, livelihoods, financial inclusion, and built environment which can be replicated and scaled up to bring in social inclusivity and equity in the nation.

We have launched a program called “Energy for Health” through which we will upgrade /augment the infrastructure of around 25,000 public health facilities across India. In order to align the upgradation to meet the Sustainable Development Growth (SDG), we will set up rooftop solar systems in every Health Centre. In the process we have already solar powered more than 1200 Public health facilities across different states in India.

2. About the Assignment

We are seeking a qualified consultant/Agency to develop a digital application that will transform our current site survey form into a user-friendly and efficient solution for data collection on android smartphones and tablets. The application will digitize various data collection tasks related to assessing fundamental infrastructure, conducting need assessments and determining load requirements for health facilities. The primary objectives of this project is to streamline the data collection process, enhance efficiency and provide a comprehensive platform for data analysis and management.

The main objectives of this project are:

  • To develop an Android application that digitalizes site survey forms for data collection on smartphones and tablets.
  • To enable online and offline functionality for seamless data collection, with automatic synchronization when the device is back in network range.
  • Incorporating Online GPS Tracking Feature to get the location coordinates.
  • The application should have multiple language options, but the final output of the data should be auto - translated to English.
  • To view the collected data on a secure dashboard.
  • To download the data from the dashboard securely in standard formats (xlsx, docx, pdf, etc.).
  • To enable the capture of pictures, videos, and voice notes (desirable, not essential)
  • To create an easily upgradable and customizable application, accommodating changes to the survey questionnaire and reflecting them in both the Android application and the dashboard.
  • To ensure fast processing and efficient data handling, allowing quick saving and uploading of collected data.
  • To prioritize access and user permissions for enhanced security and data management.
  • To enable an “Instruction for use” for field staff against each survey question.
  • To provide an intuitive interface with features like new line item addition, drop-down menus, and a progress status bar.
  • To enable the dashboard for communication with other dashboards via API calls.

3. Detailed scope of work

The scope of work includes the following activities :

1. Online and Offline Functionality

Enable online and offline functionality to ensure uninterrupted data collection. The application should automatically synchronize data when the device is back in network range.

2. Online GPS Tracking Feature

Incorporate an online GPS tracking feature that captures location coordinates during data collection.

3. Multiple Language Options

Implement multiple language options in the application, allowing users to select their preferred language. However, the final output of the collected data should be automatically translated to English.

4. Secure Dashboard

Develop a secure dashboard to view the collected data, providing authorized personnel with access to relevant information.

5. Data Download in Standard Formats

Enable secure download of collected data from the dashboard in standard formats such as xlsx, docx, and pdf.

6. Multimedia Capture

Provide the ability to capture pictures, videos (essential) and voice notes (desirable) during data collection.

7. Upgradability and Customization

Create an easily upgradable and customizable application that can accommodate changes to the survey questionnaire. Any modifications made to the questionnaire should be reflected in both the Android application and the dashboard.

8. Fast Processing and Efficient Data Handling

Ensure fast processing and efficient data handling, allowing quick saving and uploading of collected data.

9. Access Control and User Permissions

Implement access control and user permissions to enhance security and enable efficient data management.

10. Instruction for Use

Include an "Instruction for use" feature within the application, providing field staff with guidance against each survey question.

11. Intuitive Interface

Design an intuitive user interface with features like new line item addition, drop-down menus to enhance usability.

12. Progress status bar

Design an intuitive user interface with features like new line item addition, drop-down menus to enhance usability.

13. Progress status bar

Develop a visual indicator, such as a percentage - based status bar to show the completion progress of the site survey assessment.

14. API Integration

Enable the dashboard to communicate with other dashboards through API calls for seamless data sharing.

4. Deliverables

  • Android application: A fully functional and tested Android application that digitalizes site survey forms.
  • Documentation: Comprehensive documentation, including user manuals and technical specifications.
  • Training materials: Training materials should be in presentable format, presentations (ppt) and videos.

5. Terms and conditions

  • Payment terms will be shared. This will include the milestones:
    • Signing of contract - 40%
    • Finalize requirements through review - 15%
    • Delivery of first functional system - 15%
    • End of verification and validation testing by SF - 15%
    • Delivery of all source code, training materials, and documentation. Project closure - 15%
  • We expect there will be 3-5 iterations of feedback before the application is finalized.

6. Timelines

The project completion Date will be 1 month from the date of signing the contract. Delivery timelines will be decided based on mutual discussions and prior to signing the contract.