Developing business training modules and content : Marketing & Sales for Clean Energy Enterprises

Title Operations Consultant - Training Content Development
Timeline 4 Months
Expected area of expertise Content development, Content Writing, Module Development, Marketing & Sales Knowledge, Training
Last Date of Submission 15th September 2023
Link to Apply

About SELCO Foundation

SELCO Foundation, an NGO established in 2010 is working on building a holistic ecosystem for sustainable energy access. In this regard, SELCO Foundation engages in technical, financial and social innovation, enterprise development, skill building and financial inclusion. The organisation works on demonstrating and catalysing the role of renewable energy across verticals of well- being, health, education, livelihoods and the built environment


With the current climate and energy crisis, the role of a clean, decentralised and sustainable energy source has become crucial. Not only does it provide accessible and affordable energy to off-grid areas, it also ensures a broad space for technological solutions and innovations to counter the current crisis and to work towards enabling the sustainable development goals. Yet there is a huge gap in the sector due to a lack of entrepreneurs/enterprises/organisations across the world, to build and promote a holistic and sustainable energy ecosystem. Selco Foundation, therefore, has been developing programmes to support, train and guide clean energy entrepreneurs and enterprises.

To help build the capacity of these enterprises and skills of the employees, in-depth training on operations knowledge of managing an enterprise to ensure its smooth functioning is necessary. However there is a dearth of customised and easily understandable learning materials to deliver quality training for the incubatees. With SELCO’s open source policy and aim to develop solutions for the sector, this project focuses on developing modules to impart operations aspects in a format that becomes usable, understandable and with little effort can be contextualised by anyone across the globe.


The objective is to develop training modules for the training of the Clean Energy Enterprises and sales & marketing personnel as well as commission agents / business associates for managing the marketing & sales personnel.The Clean Energy Enterprises can be defined as a last mile solar solution provider who procures materials (solar panel , consumables , battery , inverter etc) from other vendors , do solar installation and provide service & maintenance at the local level.The aim of the training is to achieve the below mentioned goals.

  • To develop the needed skill sets of the employees to build an efficient marketing & sales operation system
  • To provide hands-on support and practical exposure on marketing & sales operations
  • Provide intensive training on marketing, sales and communications, documentation
  • Support the enterprise in designing the program for commission agents / business associates

Scope of the Work

The scope of the work is to create customised practical operations learning resources for Clean Energy Enterprises and Sales & Marketing personnel and to build their marketing & sales skills.

Topics Target Audience Module Details
Marketing and Sales - BAs/ commissionbased agents program design Clean Energy Enterprise (CEEs) / Last Mile Solution Providers This module aims to support in building an ecosystem for sales & marketing
  • Structuring the team for sales & marketing
  • Sales & Marketing personnel - identification channel , eligibility , payment structure etc
  • BAs program design: Identification process , eligibility criteria , when enterprises should think of onboarding BAs/ Commission based agents , how the commission should be decided , how to develop formal structure , etc
  • Marketing and Sales (Department Communication) Sales Executive / Business Associates / Commission based agent Training and mentoring entrepreneurs on planning communication and marketing strategies to outreach customers and finance will be covered in this module. Along with this training will be given for outreach: social media, whatsapp, brochures, decks, case study docs and videos, product brochures, pricing list, communication of offers and discounts,plan for customer acquisition, plan for sales and growth, different options of awareness creations in rural & semi urban areas apart from social media etc. It also deals with roles and responsibilities, identification criteria and payment process of sales executive and business associates.
    Business Associates Training (Toolkit) BAs/ Commission based agents The module covers the required training to be provided for business associates along with roles and responsibility and field experience , what kind of materials the enterprise should provide them for lead generation, business planning etc

    The work will involve developing training content for incubating clean energy enterprises including interactions and workshops with stakeholders, doing secondary research on the required sales & marketing operations of managing an enterprise and creating toolkits, modules, decks, (by means of documents, decks, guidelines, self explanatory checklists and other easy to use formats) which can be used in totality and in modular formats to help build capacities, co-develop programs, or design solutions and tools for the incubatees. Through this exercise, the aim is to give the learner a complete understanding of business requirements from its conceptualisation to its expansion. The document should also be able to guide other stakeholders to be able to replicate these programs in their own contexts and geographies.

    Training plan and materials required for all the modules

    • Training materials:
    • Training documents: Facilitator's guide and Learner’s manual
    • Deck for training with activity and experiential based learning and mapped videos
    • Handouts : Checklist, Templates, Guidelines etc.
    • Training methodology : Classroom sessions, exposure visit, shadowing, Virtual Reality (VR) videos , Videos etc.

    Training Target Audience: Ecosystem Stakeholders

    • Entrepreneurs - Clean Energy Enterprise
    • Employees - marketing & sales personnel, business associates / commission-based agents
    • Trainers who will train / capacitate the target audience by using the module

    Methodology and approach for content development

    The methodology includes, but is not limited to review and usage of existing content, stakeholder consultations, field visits, etc..

    • Secondary research: in-depth understanding and review of the existing program documents, reports, program-specific information, any other relevant training materials and ongoing training.
    • Stakeholder consultations: Meeting and interacting with stakeholders from across India (including the ones from SELCO’s network) to verify the information and get feedback on the process, documentation and modules.
    • Field visits: This includes sample sites visits to understand about the systems and needs of the target audience.
    • Focus regions: This project is focused on creating modules which can be easily understandable and usable by anyone in the world. The document can cover examples from SELCO India.
    • Review and feedback: Three rounds of review and feedback.
    • Piloting of training modules: On field testing of the training modules and training of trainers on the training modules.
    • Revision of the training modules and contents post piloting feedback

    The consultant will also be required to pilot these modules with relevant stakeholders of SELCO:

    • Plan a workshop with stakeholders of SELCO and its partners to pilot the modules and training documents
      This should help in getting feedback and improving the final documents and modules.


    1. Training decks
    2. Training manuals
    3. Checklists
    4. Guidelines
    5. Mapping of videos to the particular module e.g. Business Associates- process of identification and roles & responsibility at the field level

    Deliverable Required Number Justification
    Preparation Plan 3 The preparation plan will help the consultant put down a basic plan for developing the content in tandem with the timelines for submission.
    Curriculum 3 For business operations
    Facilitator’s Guide 3 Facilitator or trainer to give quality training for the learners.
    Learner’s Manual 3 Covering all the topics
    Training Decks Training Decks in such a format which can be uploaded on LMS 3 The decks should be interactive and activity based. Duration of the training will be suggested by the content developer
    Mapping of videos required for each training Support the videos makers in story

    Note: We have few old contents available for your reference.

    Expertise Required

    • Agency/ Individual with an experience in content development
    • Knowledge and familiarity with operations aspects for enterprises/start-ups is desirable
    • Experience on compilation of marketing & sales operations of clean energy enterprises related is preferable
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    Selection Criteria

    The technical proposal will be evaluated based on the following general areas:

    • Agency/ Consultant experience in the field of assignment
    • One person of the agency / consultant is to be based at SELCO Foundation office, Bangalore for any kind of coordination
    • Understanding of the aims and objectives
    • The qualifications and relevant experience of the personnel.
    • The financial proposal will be evaluated on the basis of expertise, cost, lead-time and proposed payment terms.

    The above points are intended to help in making the learning more holistic which helps in creating a set of modules, decks, etc. Hence, understanding the process of creating these programs, bottlenecks around the same, and ways on how to operationalise it will be critical
    ***It is recommended that the consultant depute one representative with documentation and project management skills to be stationed at SELCO Foundation office in Bangalore during the duration of this project to work closely for this project.The consultant’s representative will have to follow SELCO’s working hours and holidays during the period that they work from the SELCO office. . The modalities can be further discussed and finalised at the time of signing the contract.

    Payment Terms & Conditions

    Disbursement Milestone
    10% Against Signing of contract
    15% After completion and submission of the Content 1
    25% After completion and submission of the Content 2
    25% After completion and submission of the Content 3
    25% After completion and submission of the Content 4

    Interested consultants / organisations, with relevant experience (please include samples and/or references of the previous similar work as proof of experience) and based out of India are requested to reach out with a detailed proposal giving a brief on the methodology and the process they will uptake for this project, including budgets (with break-ups and explanation), timelines and milestones and submit the same to google form on before 15th September 2023.

    Any further queries please write to with a subject line: “Clarification for Developing Operations Training Modules and Content for Incubation”

    Annexure I
    Standard Operating Procedure of Developing Content

    Steps Details
    Step 1 Setting the goals , objectives and expected output as per the target audience
    Step 2 Secondary research to understand the need of the target audience and standardisation of the contents as per global standard
    Step 3 Review of the exiting SELCO Foundation’s content
    Step 4 Consultation with different level of stakeholders -
  • Practitioners- Senior , Middle and Junior level (India + Globally)
  • Industry Experts (India + Globally)
  • Step 5 Validation of the content two level at least post content development
  • Practitioners- Senior , Middle and Junior level (India + Globally)
  • Industry Experts (India + Globally)
  • Note : Practitioners and Industry experts will be identified by both the partners SELCO Foundation and onboarded Agency / Consultant . Both the partners are supposed to take effort in identification

    Step 5 Revision of the content as per the input
    Step 6 Capacity building of Master Trainers
    Step 7 Piloting of the content and getting the feedback from the trainees and trainers (at least two places)
    Step 8 Finalisation of the contents as per the feedback