Title Consultant - Knowledge Video Development
Contract Supervision Project Coordinator- India R&D, SELCO Foundation
Timeline 4 months: June 2023 - September 2023
Expected area of expertise Video capturing - Editing - Voice over and subtitle
Last date for submission of Proposal 22nd June, 2023
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About SELCO Foundation:

SELCO Foundation is an NGO established in 2010, working on building a holistic ecosystem for sustainable energy access. In this regard, SELCO Foundation engages in technical, financial, and social innovation, enterprise development, skill building, and financial inclusion. The organisation works on demonstrating and catalysing the role of renewable energy across verticals of well-being, health, education, livelihoods, and the built environment.


Capturing learnings from DRE-powered solutions and transferring the same to different stakeholders is very vital in knowledge dissemination and effective demonstration and replication of such solutions. Videos are a powerful and versatile medium for effective communication, engagement, and knowledge transfer, catering to diverse learning styles and promoting meaningful learning experiences to the stakeholders and on-ground partners.

Such videos can effectively convey information about decentralised renewable energy solutions by showcasing real-life examples and raising awareness about the benefits and potential of such solutions. They are essential in documenting the processes, challenges, and lessons learned during the implementation of decentralised renewable energy projects.

This project focuses on capturing of learnings from different end-user sites in order to share this knowledge on various DRE technology and solutions, disseminate best practices, facilitate replication of successful implementations in different locations to inspire individuals, communities, governmental agencies, NGOs and policymakers to take action.


To capture 5 videos of various DRE powered solutions to enable knowledge transfer and cross- learning.

List of videos:

Particular Content Number of units
End User Training Video On Hydroponics fodder growth - steps and best practices Script 1
Documentary video on solar powered tomato dryers Need, Solution, Impacts 1
Documentary video on solar powered barber shops and its impacts Need, Solution, Impacts 1
Awareness building video on solar powered milk chiller for dairy and Camel and value chain Deck 1
End user training video on the business model, utilisation and impact of solar Powered Refrigerator Deck 1, 2, 3 1

Video capturing details:

  • Video length: 8-10 minutes
  • Language: English (to be translated into other languages)

Target Audience: End users, partners, vendors, other ecosystem stakeholders


  • Capturing, editing and completion of 5 final videos
  • English Voice over and Subtitles to be added
  • Raw footage captured in project areas.

Responsibilities of video consultant

The Consultant should work closely with the team for accomplishment of following tasks.

planning and prep before video capturing
  • ➔ To hold preparatory discussion with the project team about the development of videos.
  • ➔ The Consultant will propose a detailed work plan schedule which will be finalised later.
  • ➔ Video capturing and editing for all the videos to be done parallelly
  • ➔ Need to capture all the footage together and then use it for different topics to avoid multiple visits to the same site.
  • ➔ Video script:- Will be developed and shared by the project team and a discussion on the same will be conducted to ensure better capturing of learnings
Video capturing
  • ➔ Site for the video is in the end user location as agreed with the project team and according to the prepared script.
  • ➔ Capture the videos as per the requirement and the provided script
  • ➔ A narration to be recorded along with background music for the videos if required.
Video Editing and Finalisation
  • ➔ Subtitle: To translate the project beneficiaries' voice into English for subtitles and add the English subtitle for the video.
  • ➔ Editing, review and finalisation : Edit the raw video files into 4-5 min videos with labelling, voiceover / subtitles etc. as needed (Spoken language could be the Local language and subtitle in English ) with 3- 4 review.
  • ➔ Finalise the videos according to the feedback provided by the project team.
  • ➔ To manage all necessary tools and equipment, camera and other devices required to capture video

Support from SELCO Foundation:

  • Organise a coordination meeting with the respective team.
  • To provide script and narratives
  • Reviewing the voice over and subtitles.
  • To help the consultant to coordinate the field visit to capture the footage.
  • To review and provide feedback to the drafts and finalise videos.


  • Previous experience in capturing training, best practices and installation videos.
  • Previous experience working with development sector organisations
  • Excellent command of video editing

Process to Apply:

Interested Consultants/Agency, who wish to apply for “Development of 5 Knowledge Videos for Cross Learnings” may apply with the Below link of Google form by uploading necessary documents mentioned in the Form.


Last date for submission of the proposal is on or before 22nd June '23.