Title Development of Training Documentation
Timeline 6 months: August 2023 - January 2024
Expected area of expertise Training Documentation and Content Development
Google form to submit https://forms.gle/beQkLqXUGne4zmxL8
Last date for submission of Proposal 11th Aug,2023

About SELCO Foundation

SELCO Foundation is an NGO established in 2010, working on building a holistic ecosystem for sustainable energy access. In this regard, SELCO Foundation engages in technical, financial, and social innovation, enterprise development, skill building, and financial inclusion. The organisation works on demonstrating and catalysing the role of renewable energy across verticals of well-being, health, education, livelihoods, and the built environment.


Training documentation for decentralised renewable energy solutions is vital for knowledge transfer, standardization, safety, scalability, knowledge retention, and efficient troubleshooting and maintenance

Well-documented end user training and installation processes enable the transfer of knowledge ensuring that the installation, operation, management and maintenance of renewable energy systems can be carried out effectively. Documentation plays a crucial role in scaling up decentralised renewable energy solutions. As the adoption of such systems expands, having comprehensive training and installation documentation becomes essential for efficiently replicating these installations and solutions in different locations.


  • To create comprehensive training documentation that effectively transfers knowledge to enable effective implementation, operation, utilisation and maintenance of decentralized renewable energy solutions.
  • To develop standardized training documentation that ensures consistent practices and procedures across different locations, leading to improved efficiency and reliability of decentralized renewable energy systems.
  • To create training documentation that facilitates the scaling up of decentralized renewable energy solutions thereby increasing access to clean and sustainable energy sources.
  • To preserve knowledge and expertise related to these solutions by documenting best practices and implementation learnings.
  • To equip end-users, technicians and partners with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and resolve issues efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring optimal performance of renewable energy systems.

Scope of Work

SL No Training Document Description Target Audience Units
1 End User Training Manual For Solar PV System This training manual will cover operations, maintenance, best practices, and troubleshooting for solar power systems for end users End User 1
2 End User Training Manual For Solar-Powered Sewing Machine This manual will be for training end users on the business model and technical aspects (best practices, utilisation, operation and troubleshooting) of sewing machines End User 1
3 End User Training Manual For Solar-Powered Refrigerators for Eateries/Groceries The manual will cover training for end users on the business model and technical aspects (best practices, utilisation, operation, effective stock management, maintenance and troubleshooting) of refrigerators End User 1
4 End User Training Manual For Solar-Powered Water Pump The manual will cover training for end users on sustainable practices of irrigation,types of irrigation methods based on crops and water table management and replenishment End User 1
5 Training Document On Solar Implementation Practises The document will cover training on best practices and guidelines required for efficient solar implementations Clean Energy Enterprises 1
6 Training Document For Installation of Solar-Powered Sewing Machine This training document will cover the processes, guidelines and best practices to follow for the installation of solar-powered sewing machine. Clean Energy Enterprises 1
7 Training Manual On Solar System Installation Monitoring And Quality Assurance The manual will be for training onground partners on the guidelines and checklists for ensuring quality and efficient installations Partner 1
8 End-to-End Process Documentation of Demonstration of DRE Solutions This training manual will be for documenting and disseminating the end to end process of implementing and demonstrating decentralised renewable energy solutions from site selection to monitoring and evaluation. Partner 1

Methodology and Approach

The methodology includes but is not limited to reviewing and using existing content, stakeholder consultations, field visits, etc.

  • Secondary research: An In-depth understanding of the subject through various secondary sources
  • Stakeholder consultations: Meeting and interacting with stakeholders from across India (including the ones from SELCO’s network) to verify the information and get feedback on the process and documentation
  • Field visits: This includes sample site visits to a few intervention sites to understand the systems, processes, and impacts
  • Focus regions: This project focuses on creating modules that can be easily understandable and usable by anyone worldwide. The document can cover examples of Indian states where SELCO has installed various technologies.
  • Review and feedback: Two rounds of review, assessment and feedback.


The deliverables include 8 sets of documentations

  • 8 Training documents and corresponding 8 decks
  • Work plan and timeline


  • Previous experience in training and skill building
  • Previous experience working with development sector organizations
  • Experience in training content development
  • Technical knowledge and familiarity with solar energy/technology are desirable
  • Experience in the compilation of technical information is preferable
  • Excellent written command and proficiency in English
  • Self-motivated, proactive, and responsible
  • Ability to keep to the deadlines

Interested consultants/organisations, with relevant experience (please include samples and/or references of previous similar work as proof of experience) and based out of India are requested to reach out with a detailed proposal giving a brief on the methodology and the process they will uptake for this project, including budgets (with break-ups, tax amount, travel and accommodation and explanation), timelines and milestones and submit the same to google form https://forms.gle/beQkLqXUGne4zmxL8 on before 11th Aug’ 2023.

Any further queries please reach out to procurement@selcofoundation.org