Title Enterprise Development Program 2023-24
Timeline up to 31 March 2024
Google form to submit https://forms.gle/USeSUFMRyW8j5ENE9
Last date for submission of Proposal 24th Aug,2023


SELCO Foundation is seeking applications from various technology enterprises for collaboration on scaling Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) driven livelihood technology solutions to enable access to clean energy and positively impact the livelihoods of underserved communities across India.

As part of Phase 1 of SELCO’s Enterprise Development Program, we aim to work closely with selected technology enterprises to design and execute this program, by jointly unlocking financing through banks loans and government schemes.

1. About SELCO Foundation :

SELCO Foundation is an open-source, not-for-profit organization that engages in field-based R&D and ecosystem building for the deployment of clean energy solutions that alleviate poverty by improving access to sustainable energy to underserved communities in tribal, rural, and urban poor areas. The organization works in collaboration with practitioners in the social sector, energy entrepreneurs, NGOs from various developmental sectors, and educational institutions to link the benefits of sustainable energy to poverty eradication. The organization works across verticals such as energy access, health, and livelihoods with practitioners in the social sector, energy entrepreneurs, and partners from various developmental sectors. You can find more information about the SELCO Foundation on our organization’s Website

2. SELCO’s Approach :

SELCO Foundation has been working on providing alternative livelihood opportunities to underserved communities, using Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) as a catalyst to facilitate dignified living, increased incomes, reduced drudgery and improved work productivity through the integration of climate inclusive technologies into the livelihood practices of these communities.

SELCO aims to transform the efficiency of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) initiatives towards poverty alleviation. It recognizes and is building on the potential of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) to develop scalable and inclusive livelihood solutions that can build resilience and long term sustainability among communities.

3. About SELCO’s Enterprise Development Program :

Technology enterprises play a critical role in the supply side of technologies that can be adopted by rural communities to enhance and sustain their livelihoods in future.

Over the years, through the learnings from our work, we have realized the importance of supporting and strengthening technology enterprises in terms of financial unlocking, backward and forward linkages, operations & maintenance through collaborations with grassroots partners, financial institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

3.1 Aim and Objectives of the Program :

The primary objective of this program is to support enterprises to scale DRE integrated livelihood technologies by building linkages between Technology Enterprises, Clean Energy Enterprises (CEE) and Financial Institutions (FI).

The larger goal is to strengthen the supply side for scaling various DRE integrated livelihood technologies by unlocking financing through banks and government schemes.

Some key objectives of the program are as follows-

  • To capacitate and support enterprises to create linkage with financiers as a long term strategy for sales of their technologies.
  • To build evidence, document processes, collate learnings and create collaterals for financial unlock and scheme integration for future scaling of DRE technologies.
  • To ensure that the selected DRE technology is listed under a government scheme or as a bank loan product.
  • To build a case for empanelment of the vendor/enterprise by a particular government department/scheme.

3.2 Outcomes of the Program :

  • Detailed process and learnings for unlocking finance and schemes for scaling DRE integrated livelihood solutions.
  • Scaling of selected DRE livelihood technologies with proven impacts and optimum utilization across all use cases.
  • Listing of selected DRE livelihood technologies under government schemes or as bank loan products.
  • Empanelment of the technology vendor/enterprise by the government under any of their livelihoods based programs.
  • Capacitating and restructuring of technology enterprises to accommodate all the processes required for future scaling of their technologies.

3.4 SELCO’s Offering for Phase 1 of the Program :

SELCO Foundation, depending on the need, shall offer a part of financial resources (in the form of gap financing), mentorship, networks, and other related services to the selected enterprises.

Percentage of gap financing will depend on the overall financial model for the selected technology solutions; which has to include either subsidy through government scheme, bank loan, direct payment or both by the end user. The payments will be made either to the end users or to the vendors.

4. Eligibility Criteria :

Enterprises distributing and/or manufacturing any one or all of the following DRE integrated livelihood technologies are eligible to apply to this program :

No. Name of the Technology
1 Milking Machine ( Single Cluster and Double Cluster)
2 Hydroponics Unit (22, 32,48,72 trays)
3 DC fridge (100, 150, 200, 268 Liters)
4 Sabji Cooler
5 Papad Making Machine (Hydraulic and Belt Conveyor Type)
6 Vermicelli Making Machine 1HP
7 Chilli Pounding Machine (1 HP)
8 Chilli Grinding Machine (2 HP)
9 Oil Mill (2 HP)
10 Flour Mill (1 HP, 2HP)
11 Rice Huller
12 Rice Processing Unit
13 Solar Dryer
14 Sprayer
15 Pottery Wheel
16 Efficient Looms

*Enterprises may choose to apply for scaling all or any one of their technologies.

5. Scope of Work :

The program has been divided into three stages namely Pre-During-Post. Shortlisted technology enterprises are expected to work on developing the following aspects with SELCO Foundation across the three stages -

Program Design
(strategy, stakeholder matrix, financial model,operational planning,detailed activities and deliverables etc)
Research & Mapping
(Demand Assessment, Mapping Financiers and Govt schemes applicable for the product)
Creation of Technology Training Modules
(For end users and for bankers)
Orientation/ Exposure Visits / Trainings Workshops/ Lending fairs
(with end users, financiers, and the government. Exposure visit to existing champion sites)
Stakeholder Engagements
(Identification, discussions, round table, signing MoU’s with different financiers and government )
Lead Generation and Need Assessments
(followup on existing leads, direct leads through bankers, leads through orientation workshops)
Unlocking Finance -
through loans or government schemes or end user contribution
Technology Deployment
Technology and O&M Training Workshops
(Providing post installation tech training to end users)
Data Collection
(data on total implementations, financial model, utilization)
Process Documentation
(of financial unlock)
Video Documentation & Business models (Top 20 cases)
(for outreach to larger group of stakeholders)

6. Expected Deliverables :

The selected enterprises are expected to deliver the following outputs in line with the scope of work mentioned above :

  • Reports on scoping and mapping exercises
  • Technology training modules for end users and bankers
  • Reports(with images and videos) of the orientation and training workshops
  • Implementation reports on end user profiles and documents, channels of lead generation, implementation photos and details.
  • Data Collection and monitoring report
  • Video Stories of Top 10 implementations
  • Other Collaterals as required

7. Selection and Evaluation Criteria :

In addition to the application form and the proposal submitted by the enterprises, SELCO Foundation will also be evaluating the applications based on the following criterias :

  • Existing DRE Integration OR Willingness for DRE integration - Enterprises having DRE integrated technologies or willing to integrate DRE into their technology. Chosen enterprises are expected to install both equipment and solar systems.
  • Area of operation for the proposal- States of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam , Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Rajasthan
  • Focus sectors - Enterprises catering to the Agriculture & Allied, Micro Businesses or Textiles & Crafts sectors.
  • Technical Specifications and Suitability
  • Technology reach - Proven technology with existing base of customers
  • Willingness for financial/ scheme unlock - Enterprises willing to work with SELCO to unlock finances and government schemes for scaling their technologies.
  • Existing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) System - Enterprises having an established network for O&M and after sales servicing of their deployed systems in the suggested geographies
  • Past Work with SELCO - Enterprises that understand SELCO’s mission and have worked with SELCO in the past will be preferred.

8. Application Process and Proposal Submission:

If your technology enterprise fulfills the eligibility criteria and is interested in collaborating with SELCO Foundation, kindly fill the application form shared below with relevant details - Link to the Application Form

Enterprises are requested to upload their proposal along with the quotation into the application formPlease ensure that your proposal is made in the format shared below Link to Proposal Format PDF

Last Date for Application - 24th August 2023
Announcement of selected Enterprises - 30th August 2023

9. Terms and Conditions :

  • SELCO reserves the right to contact the enterprise for further information or clarifications required during the selection and evaluation process. Selected enterprises will be invited for further discussions and assessment.
  • All solutions implemented to have end user contribution in form of banks loan, government schemes or direct payment along with the gap financing percentage mutually agreed upon.
  • The responsibility of following up with the end users, before and after the sales lies with the enterprise.
  • The proposal and quotation are inclusive of all necessary taxes and costs applicable.
  • All relevant files, including editable versions of the deliverables, need to be provided by the enterprise. SELCO Foundation has the right to use the materials as per needs.