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Market Research on Remote Monitoring System

About SELCO Foundation

SELCO Foundation is a not-for profit, public charitable trust. It was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. SELCO Foundation seeks to inspire and implement solutions that alleviate poverty by improving access to sustainable energy to underserved communities across India in a manner that is socially, financially, and environmentally sustainable.

SELCO Foundation’s key objectives include:

  • Systematically identify diverse needs of the poor, understand and define the role of sustainable development, poverty alleviation and decentralized energy.
  • Create and deploy innovative solutions that positively impact well- being, health, education and livelihoods towards the alleviation of poverty.
  • Foster the development of enabling conditions or an ecosystem through holistic thought processes in technology, finance, entrepreneurship and policy. Currently the foundation works across 10 states in India.

About the Program:

Stronger primary healthcare systems are essential to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, of all ages, through universal health coverage. This in turn, facilitates achieving other SDGs. Primary healthcare systems in rural, remote and vulnerable environments often lack the resources integral to provide affordable, accessible and good quality health care. Reliable and affordable electricity access, alongside appropriate medical and electrical appliances contribute to increased efficacy and positive impact of healthcare provision. The need for energy is crucial when it comes to storing vaccines, using medical equipment such as baby warmers, suction apparatus and lighting especially during deliveries, powering diagnostic services and accessing basic lighting and communication for regular surgeries. Sustainable Energy when combined with efficient medical and electrical technologies helps to democratize the delivery of health services. As the country is putting their best foot forward in preparing to handling pandemic like COVID 19, SELCO Foundation along with philanthropic organisations and NGOs have partnered with the Ministry of Health, Government of India and NHSRC in one of the largest programs for upgrading and empowering public health facilities with solar energy and efficient medical equipment across India. The larger goal of the project is to strengthen 25,000 public health with Decentralised Renewable Energy (Solar) and efficient medical equipment in the next 5 years.

Purpose of this ToR

SELCO Foundation has deployed Solar energy lead efficient energy solutions in the public health sector across different geographies in India. The study is to understand the best available remote monitoring system solution which can be used at public health facilities where Decentralised Renewable Energy solution (Solar) provided.

Objectives of the evaluation:

  • Understand and comparison between with the best available remote monitoring system
  • Recommend the right remote monitoring system for the solar solutions provided at public health facilities
  • Identify efficient agencies who can implement large number of remote monitoring system

Tasks and Responsibilities

The overall scope of the work is to understand the best available remote monitoring system solution which can be used at public health facilities where Decentralised Renewable Energy solution provided. The scope of the work is detailed in terms of the following tasks:

  • 1. Document technical specifications and user Interface of various efficient remote monitoring system
  • 2. Understand the provision of generating customised reports
  • 3. Understand availability of data management and analysis options
  • 4. Interfacing possibilities of other functional platforms as future developments
  • 5. Understanding the feasibility of customisation based on the requirements
  • 6. Understand the costing of the solutions and timeline for delivery and installation
  • 7. Understand alert options on deviations/tolerances
  • 8. Identify experienced agencies who can implement larger number of remote monitoring system
  • 9. Understand the post installation maintenance/service plan
  • 10. Detailed report including all the above said requirements

The essential qualification to undertake study

  • The consultant/agency, should have adequate experience in the field of electric power systems and designs
  • Preference will be given to the applicant with prior experience in renewable energy systems and remote monitoring
  • Preference will be given to the applicant with prior experience in conducting studies with similar scope

Interested Agencies should apply by presenting a proposal in the following format:

  • A. Technical Proposal
    • Organizational Profile
    • Study Methodology
    • Key Personnel and Staffing
    • Timeline
  • B. Financial proposal

Criteria for Proposal evaluation:

  • 30% for individual /organisational capacity – experience and HR
  • 40% for approach and proposal
  • 30% for budget and timeline efficiency

Proposal Submission:

Proposals can be submitted in soft copy to procurement@selcofoundation.org & apply@selcofoundation.org. Applications will be processed on rolling basis.