Role: Project Manager - Agri & allied commodities value chain in Odisha region

Base location: Bhubaneswar

Position: Full time

About SELCO Foundation:

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The post-harvest losses of Agri&allied commodities alone accounts for more than ~25 to 45%. The primary causes of which are poor storage and transportation facilities. Other range of issues include limited technical know-how on good agricultural practices, imperfect market knowledge, Inadequate market access and less involvement in value addition process. In the absence of proper storage facilities, farmers of perishable commodities such as fruits and vegetables have been rendered devoid of their livelihoods in both immediate and the long term.

The mere deployment of the solution does enable stakeholders in effectively utilizing the solution. The enabling ecosystem around the solution needs to be strengthened through required training and capacity building to ensure utilization and create robust business models by establishing strong market linkages.

Within the agriculture vertical, the concept of Agri- cooling has emerged as one of the primary priorities for the organization in terms of building replicable and scalable models across different geographies. The aim is to create replicable models to diversify income and reduce Agri wastage in the country.

Scope of work:

The main objective of this work is to do initial mapping of the geographies & stakeholders, building a rapport and coordinating with key stakeholder groups such as local communities, FPO’s SMall and Marginal farmers and various government departments/agencies for effective implementation of the program activities related to sustainable Agri cooling interventions for Agro & Allied commodities value chain in Odisha In order to do this, the role will involve detailed geography mapping (through site survey and secondary research)for Commodities which require cooling, Stakeholder mapping, cashflows and market linkages of implemented cold storage solutions, reviewing best practices, working with the FPOs to understand the gaps in utilization, bridge those gaps through training sessions and support on post-harvest management practices. All of this should ideally lead to better utilization, improved market linkages and greater income generation for the concerned FPOs, and for their member farmers.

The key activities are mentioned below:

  • District/cluster/village wise geography mapping of Agri cooling interventions for Agri&allied commodities value chain for in Odisha
  • Identifying Technological interventions required for Agri&allied commodities particularly in relevance to increase Small and Marginal farmers income after Harvest of Agri&allied commodities focusing more on Agri cooling.
  • Identifying key stakeholder groups such as local communities, FPO’s/FPC, NGOs, and various government departments/ agencies and building a partnership for effective implementation of the program activities.
  • Conducting primary research and data collection about existing Agri&allied commodities value chain, present business models, Scope study for value addition.
  • Organizing training programs and Local field coordination with all stakeholders .
  • Liasoning with Central and state Government agencies,Banks and other financial institutions locally .
  • Exploring the feasibility of existing cold storage for solar integration.
  • Undertake market research and field research to identify, benchmark best practices on the above 9. Leverage existing networks, and those facilitated through partners to create the required market channels and linkages to enable a robust business model.
  • Helping in arranging photos and videos for reports and campaign.
  • Regularly report on the improvements and impact of these interventions in terms of income, utilization and business diversification for end users.

Deliverables expected would include

  • Report on Geography mapping and existing business model with detailed insights, pro’s & con’s on solar powered Agri cooling initiatives .
  • Identification of FPO’s/FPC or Agri&allied commodities farming societies for the sustainable Agri cooling interventions.
  • Identifying and building a partnership with local communities, FPO’s/FPC, NGOs, and various government departments/ agencies.
  • Developing a suitable business model for solar powered cold storage and other Agri cooling interventions
  • Note: This is not an exhaustive list of deliverables and activities. The role may involve additional, related activities based on progress.


  • Someone who worked extensively in procurement of Fruits & vegetables(F&V) from FPO’s and small and marginal farmers to Modern Trade/Agritech startups
  • Preferably an Agri-Graduate/Agri-Diploma with 3-5 years of experience Procurement for F&V in modern trade / Agritech startups.
  • Knowledge on Fruits & vegetables commodities trade dynamics
  • Ability to travel to sites as needed and perform cross- geographic monitoring on utilization, conduct training sessions with FPOs and facilitate relevant linkages
  • Ability to present information in clear and presentable formats, Sample of training sessions/ reports and presentations previously prepared by the consultant should be shared
  • Familiar Odiya ,hindi, telugu Language is added Advantage .
  • Some one who extensively worked in FPO ecosystem .

Interested consultants/organizations are requested to send their CVs, with a note on previous experience relevant to this project (maximum of 1 page on previous experience). Send the details at with Subject line: - Project Manager Agri & allied in Odisha.