Position: Project Manager, Medical Technology
Energy for Health_SELCO Foundation
Years of Experience: 5-7 years
Location: SELCO Foundation, Bangalore
Starting date: Immediately

About SELCO Foundation:

SELCO Foundation is an open source, not for profit organization that engages in field-based R&D and ecosystem building for deployment of clean energy solutions that alleviate poverty in tribal, rural and urban poor areas. The organization works in collaboration with practitioners in the social sector, energy entrepreneurs, NGOs from various developmental sectors and educational institutions to link the benefits of sustainable energy to poverty eradication. The organization works across several verticals in the social sector, such as energy access, health, and livelihoods.

You can find more information about SELCO Foundation on our organization’s website.

Background on SELCO's EnergyForHealth program:

The goal of this program is to strengthen delivery of healthcare for over 170 million people by reliably and sustainably powering 25,000 public health facilities in remote, rural, climate and socio-economically vulnerable regions across 12 states in India by 2026.

Healthcare today, without considering the potential services to the un-catered populations in the world, is the 5th most polluting industry. The proposed program can help improve the quality of health services in a decentralized manner, while also making it a less carbon intensive sector. This program can prove to be the low hanging fruit for achieving SDG13 and SDG3 via SDG7. We believe that provision of 100% renewable energy and green building infrastructure for healthcare facilities, will democratize the much needed health services in the remote regions within India and account for future pandemic preparedness.

The Role:

SELCO Foundation is looking for a highly motivated individual who is passionate about working in the overall sustainable energy sector for last mile communities. The broader goal is to use decentralized renewable energy to facilitate good health, improved well being, last mile delivery of health services, reduced mortality, etc. through the integration of technological, delivery, process, and financial innovations into public healthcare services.

The Program Manager for Medical Technology is expected to identify unmet public health needs through primary and secondary research, identify innovations to solve for such needs, lead the deployment process for such innovations, and coordinate monitoring of the impact on public health.

The role requires expertise in medical technologies that can be applied to public health challenges, and the key stakeholders that play a role in the sustainable impact of medical technology innovations towards public health needs.

Key responsibilities for the position:

  • Design programs that solve for unmet public health needs by taking into account the various actors, organizations, and processes needed to make a sustainable impact.
  • Build a team of biomedical engineers and field coordinators to run research, deployments, and monitoring activities on the ground.
  • Lead the process of identifying and procuring medical technology innovations with applicability towards solving for public health needs.
  • Lead the process of deployments and monitoring of medical technology innovations.
  • Lead efforts towards building an interoperable medical technology platform designed around public health requirements.
  • Provide guidance towards the applications of medical technologies across all initiatives within the Energy For Health program.
  • Build strong relationships with public health champions, grassroots stakeholders such as NGOs, and medical technology providers.
  • Provide guidance towards development of knowledge gathering and dissemination from public health interventions.
  • Represent the organization’s efforts to the broader public health community of researchers, policy makers, etc. through outreach activities such as conferences, webinars, and roundtables.

Who can apply:

  • Minimum of 6 years of post graduation work experience in the research, development, and commercialisation of medical technologies.
  • A Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering is required.
  • A deep knowledge of digital health innovations, their application areas, adoption process, and stakeholder mapping for sustainable impact is required.
  • A knowledge of regulatory mechanisms, certifications and quality assurance of medical technologies systems is desirable.
  • Interest in DRE driven healthcare technologies and project implementations aimed at improving energy reliability and quality of life for underserved communities.
  • Strong skills that reflect the ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly with excellent attention to detail.
  • Willingness to learn, grow and develop at personal and professional front, at a rapid pace with a steep learning curve.
  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment.
  • Willingness to travel in difficult terrains within and outside the state as and when required.


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Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

We look forward to hearing from people who identify with the vision of SELCO Foundation’s EnergyForHealth program!