Title Consultant - Research
Timeline 4 months: July 2023 - October 2023
Expected area of expertise Research - Documentation
Google form to submit Proposal https://forms.gle/1iQRZQdxAjeiTik48

About SELCO Foundation

SELCO Foundation is an NGO established in 2010, working on building a holistic ecosystem for sustainable energy access. In this regard, SELCO Foundation engages in technical, financial, and social innovation, enterprise development, skill building, and financial inclusion. The organization works on demonstrating and catalyzing the role of renewable energy across verticals of well-being, health, education, livelihoods, and the built environment.


Research on procurement and import processes is essential to achieve cost efficiency, mitigate risks, select reliable suppliers, ensure compliance, gain market intelligence, optimize supply chains, and make strategic decisions. Such research is required to identify potential risks and challenges associated with procurement and import processes and the possible mitigation strategies.

This research intends to help evaluate geopolitical factors, understand legal and regulatory requirements, and anticipate market fluctuations. By understanding these processes and challenges, the organization will be able to make informed decisions to deploy and implement sustainable energy solutions for underserved populations and livelihoods in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Tanzania.


To prepare an extensive research document that will be useful for deploying decentralized renewable energy solutions to other regions along with the processes, requirements, and protocols to be followed while transporting these technologies.

DRE solutions for procurement

Solar system components Technology
  • Solar panel
  • Battery
  • Inverter
  • Charge controller
  • DC motors
  • Agriculture: Mills, Water pump, Dryers, Cold storage, Rice huller
  • Animal Husbandry: Milking machine,Hydroponics, Egg incubator, Milk chiller, Infra-red heaters
  • Resilient Micro Business:Refrigerators, Sewing machine, Juicer

    Scope of work:

    • Procurement and import process from India to Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Tanzania
    • Import Export Code (IEC)
    • Stakeholders involved in the export process and their roles and responsibilities
    • Step-by-step procedures to import and export to Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Tanzania
    • Government rules regulations and guidelines in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Tanzania
    • Export Customs Process: Customs declaration, payment of customs duty, inspection, clearance, etc.
    • List/sample of licenses and documents required for Import (Agreement, Insurance, Billing, and tax invoice)
    • Payment terms and tax details
    • Risks involved and solutions to address them and best practices
    • References (videos, links, documents, etc.)
    • Processes after reaching the destination countries (Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Tanzania)


    • Work plan with a timeline to be shared
    • A final research document on the procurement and import processes in the focus regions
    • A learnings deck that summarises the findings from the research along with a checklist
    • Cross-learning workshop for the internal team and on-ground partners for a discussion of the findings

    Key requirements:

    • Experience in working in procurement and logistics
    • Experience in the transportation and import of equipment in various geographical locations.
    • Experience in research and content development
    • Excellent written command and proficiency in English
    • Self-motivated, proactive, and responsible
    • Ability to keep to the deadlines

    Interested consultants/organizations, with relevant experience (please include samples and/or references of previous similar work as proof of experience) and based out of India are requested to reach out with a detailed proposal giving a brief on the methodology and the process they will uptake for this project, including budgets (with break-ups and explanation), timelines and milestones and submit the detailed proposal to the google form https://forms.gle/1iQRZQdxAjeiTik48

    For further any queries email to procurement@selcofoundation.org