Name of the TOR: Scope_UI/UX & Communication Designer

SELCO Foundation aims at eradicating poverty through the means of energy access with a special focus on climate and sustainability. In the past decade, the Foundation has been working with communities in various geographies to work towards this goal with the help of local administrations, NGOs, financial and technical institutions, policy think-tanks, state governments, philanthropies, et al. With the onset of climate emergencies, and growing criticality of inclusive development programs, we believe that we need to scale up our narrative on ecosystems in a manner that helps us “scope” the overall developmental landscape together with the stakeholders and come up with a better understanding towards the approach.

SELCO Foundation’s Ecosystem Approach campaign, to be launched as “We — Scope”, is a holistic outlook of the developmental landscape with an attempt to scope a narrative that helps us imagine an alternative future in which under-served communities are able to grow and prosper in a sustainable manner, with access to clean energy, clean water, healthcare, education, and livelihoods.

Through the “We — Scope” campaign, our aim is to create a relevant blueprint of an “ecosystem” for all of us to operate in.

We are looking for graphic designers to create communication guidelines for the campaign based on the basic campaign identity that we have worked out. The designer’s role will be to help us visualise the campaign through different components such as social media collaterals, digital banners, publication design collaterals, newsletters, etc.

As a part of the campaign, we also intend to design a website that works as an information repository of various components of the campaign. In the near future, we plan to populate the website with multiple content packages in the form of photo essays, animation films, infographics/motion graphics, testimonials, etc. We are looking for UI/UX designers for the same who have relevant experience of designing websites with diverse content.

Scope of work:

Communications Design:

  • Ideate, brainstorm with the team at SELCO Foundation and present 3 routes for communication design direction based on the We — Scope campaign guidelines that take the design language forward in terms of application. - deliverables should be in the form of mood board and concept note along with reference links and samples for each route (Timeline: First Quarter)
  • Come up with 2 options of font structures that are universally available (open source - preferably Google Fonts) that are major part of the communications guidelines (Timeline: First Quarter)
  • Create a bank of icons that can be used in future for various collaterals based on various elements related to our work (Timeline: First Quarter)
  • Generate color codes based on our campaign guidelines that can be applied for other collaterals (Timeline: First Quarter)
  • Develop templates as well as design on-going collaterals for the following:
    • web banners (gifs, dynamic carousel types images),
    • social media templates,
    • event invites,
    • report design template,
    • templates for mailer, newsletters, presentations,
    • communication guidelines that encapsulate all of the above and also provide generic design guidelines
    • collaterals that can come up as a part of the on-going requirements (which may not be included in the list above)
    • Printed collaterals (reports, pamphlets, publications)
  • Specific designs for targeted outreach as and when required for various funders and policy proposals

UI/UX Design:

  • Ideate and brainstorm with the team at SELCO Foundation to come up with a flow of information which can accomodate on-going campaigns / components of the larger campaign (e.g. animation film, infographics, photostories, interactive web media, etc.)
  • Expand the communication design guidelines for the use of website design in terms of UI/UX application.
  • Present at least 3 routes for the directions that can be taken for the website design that are desktop as well as mobile friendly - deliverables should be in the form of concept notes and mood boards along with reference links and samples for each route
  • Design wireframes and structure of the backend that is user friendly and easily modifiable as and when changes are required to be incorporated in consultation with the team at SELCO Foundation.
  • Ideate and brainstorm with the team at SELCO Foundation to explore options to utilize features of the platform for optimal performance.
  • Create and update guidelines for the UI/UX design as well as the backend that can be used for handing over at the time of termination of the contract for ease of use by other parties (if at all).

Timeline: April to December 2023 (with reviews at the end of every 3 months)

If you are a graphic designer with experience in delivering projects from ideation to execution in terms of UI/UX as well as communication design as a scope of the project, kindly write to us with your portfolio of relevant work at and cc