Title: Enhancement and maintenance of Website
Timeline: 1 Year Head Office: Bengaluru
WordPress page builder: Elementor
Email and Website: procurement@selcofoundation.org , shahaab@selcofoundation.org


The purpose of this document is to invite a suitable service provider for the some small revision and maintenance of the organization website. Our website is already built we just need to have a good rundown and make some changes.

About Selco Foundation

Selco Foundation, established in 2010 is working on building a holistic ecosystem for sustainable energy access. In this regard, Selco Foundation engages in technical, financial, and social innovation, enterprise development, skill building, and financial inclusion. The organization works on demonstrating and catalysing the role of renewable energy across verticals of well-being, health, education, livelihoods, and the built environment.


The existing website of SELCO Foundation can be viewed at SELCO Foundation the existing website provides basic information about the organization through various sections/ web pages/ images. The site provides information on history and background about the organization and also presents up to date information on their activities and services to the beneficiaries.

SELCO Foundation plans to have a rearrange the pages and post of the website which would truly reflect the proposed vision, be a lively platform and add to the improvement in Quality of Life and Socio- Economic Development for the Poor.


We are looking for an experienced and passionate Word Press and PHP Vendor to work with our Team. As a Word Press vendor, you will be responsible for both back-end and front-end maintenance. Ultimately, a top-class Word Press vendor can create attractive, user-friendly websites that perfectly meet the design and functionality specifications.

The proposed website shall have a working blend of latest Web technologies and eye-catching presentation of information. The proposed site shall blend up-to-date information, current data & information that can go lively. The purpose is also having an improved some website pages and post to look & feel with features & elements. The website should be elegant and uncluttered in look, and user friendly in its layout design and content. This is both about adding features and removing menu clutter, old content, unnecessary text, and duplication. The initial goal is to maintain the whole website and updates the plugin as per the requirement.

Scope of the Work

The scope of the work includes planning the design, revision, maintenance and gathering relevant information, test run; deliver the existing web site in the new form with some changes. It also includes regular maintenance and updating of the website for a period of 6 months after go live of the updated web site and extendable of contract will be considered on satisfactory services provided by the firm and by mutual agreement for such further period(s) as may be agreed upon.

Duties and Responsibility

The website should comply with the comprehensive content management system to support the authorised users to add, modify or delete content as per requirements. It should allow the administrator to creates user roles and allow the setting up of access rights ranging from entire site to a specific page. Other features to be considered in the web site are detailed below.

  • It should provide for flexibility to modify the design when a major event has to be published.
  • Design should allow changing the interface templates for fresh new look as and when required.
  • Meeting with us weekly basis to discuss website design and function after updating the website.
  • Editing and customizing Word Press plugins and themes. Developing new plugins for Word Press and Designing, testing and implementing custom website pages, themes and forms
  • Creating the website architecture and Maintaining, updating and monitoring hosted websites and managing site security
  • Designing and managing the website back-end including database and server integration.
  • Generating Word Press themes and plugins. Architect and develop new backend features and plugins, custom functionality and theme integration.
  • Conducting website performance tests, Troubleshooting content issues, monitoring the performance of the live website.
  • Website maintenance including generating backups and keeping website updated.
  • Optimise content on daily basis for better search performance and see what kind of keywords can be used to drive more traffic through content.
  • Work closely with internal team to execute creative design for content changes.
  • The website should incorporate necessary security features against hacking and defacement.
  • Provide search capabilities using key words or phrasing that will identify content from within the site.


The hosting environment is to be provided by the vendor during the period of contract for demonstration and testing. And after the User acceptance Test, it may be deployed on the server provided by SELCO Foundation.


Training is to be provided to the administrator users of the web site for regular updates on content, news, notices, etc.

Maintenance and support

This contract covers the scope of Maintenance & support, which will cover regular updating of contents in the web and making required changes in design. In order to undertake the above, the vendor has to engage qualified and experienced resource persons and available as per requirements initially for 6 months after go live and likely to extended up to one year thereafter subject to satisfactory performance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The agency shall have a minimum of five years’ experience in design, development & providing maintenance and management services of websites/portals/ web applications.
  • The client should have executed 10 similar projects which are complex in nature.
  • You must have service tax registration, PAN, GST Reg. No.
  • The contracted service provider will be required to perform and complete the tasks
  • Within the timeline agreed upon by both parties.
  • The project would be amendable to a phased approach to the requirements, if or as appropriate

Expertise Required

  • Agency with an experience in designing, developing websites using Wordpress,
  • Working with NGOs is an added experience
  • Experience in the compilation of technical information
  • Excellent track record of working on Wordpress with SEO optimization

Selection Criteria

The proposal will be evaluated based on the following general areas:

  • Agency has a good working experience in web design and development, using Wordpress
  • Agency to understand the core value and mission of the organization, Selco Foundation
  • Agency to have a qualified team with relevant experience
  • Agency to submit their proposal by 1st March with details on their area of operation, expertise, similar assignment undertaken, and profile of the resource to be engaged in the assignment, financials cost breakup, payment terms and conditions, etc.


Interested consultants / organisations, with relevant experience and based out of India are requested to reach out with a detailed proposal giving a brief on the methodology and the process they will update and maintenance for our website, including budgets (with break-ups and explanations), timelines and milestones and send the same. To apply@selcofoundation.org & procurement@selcofoundation.org in cc with shahaab@selcofoundation.org a subject line: “Proposal for updating and maintenance website.” On or before 1st of March 2023.