Value chain assessment Agri Cooling Solutions: Primary survey, Research, Data collection, and Documentation on Agri + Allied cold storage solutions in a holistic manner

Role: Consultant-Assessment, Research, and Documentation
Position: Contract
Geography to be covered: Assam
Duration: 3 months

About SELCO Foundation:

SELCO Foundation is an open-source research and development organization whose role is to implement solutions to generate learnings that can be replicated in various developing contexts. The agriculture vertical at SELCO Foundation aims to demonstrate how sustainable technological innovations combined with appropriate financial and ownership models can lead to a demonstrable increase in resilience and safety nets for small farmers.

The context for the project:

Indian farmers incur loss of INR 92,651 (1) crore per year in post-harvest losses alone, the primary cause of which are poor storage and transportation facilities. Other issues include limited technical know-how on good agricultural practices, lack of market knowledge and inadequate market access. In the absence of proper storage facilities, farmers of perishable commodities such as fruits and vegetables have been rendered devoid of their livelihoods in both the immediate and the long term.

Within the agriculture vertical, Agri cooling has emerged as one of the primary priorities for the organization in terms of building replicable and scalable models across different geographies


The project seeks to identify the potential for Agri cooling in the selected geographies. It intends to understand the present infrastructures, gaps and present operation cum business models to derive the scope for technology innovation specific to Agri cold room in order to enable access to more sustainable, reliable, and affordable local infrastructure to the community need.

Scope of work for Value chain Assessment

1. Value chain Analysis

  • To conduct mapping of prominent agriculture & horticulture Produce to select top 10 potential commodities having higher need for cooling requirement, production, valuation and relatively stable prices in the markets.
  • To find critical cooling needs and gaps in the Agri value chain of selected commodities like (Environmentally controlled/ Atmospheric controlled /Temperature controlled) for different points of the value chain right from inputs to the post harvesting for each commodity in district and state.

2. Demand estimation

Detailed demand estimation for point of cooling need established in the value chain for installation of DRE powered cold room on the selected commodity -Cluster of Districtthe mentioned states in NE region.

3. Assessment on grid connected cold storages

Identification of existing grid powered cold storages (OR) other traditional technology to preserve the selected commodity and to map the stakeholders involved for each of the current practices identified to develop into a fully functioning value chain.

4. Existing in Supply Chain and Business Model

Map the major Supply chain components and how and map various business and operational models for existing cold storages. Identify the common challenges in different geographies.

5. Mapping of Supporting Stakeholders

Map the existing and potential stakeholders who are working around and supporting developing agri-cooling infrastructures in the region. Mapping according to Region, State or Cluster of districts wise.

6. Assessment of Solar Powered Cold Storages Implemented by SELCO Foundation

Assess the existing Solar Powered Cold Storages Implemented by SELCO Foundation, in partnership with various other organizations in Assam Meghalaya and Manipur. Study their existing operational and business models, utilization, market linkages and gaps.

Indicative methodology:

Combination of primary and secondary research, Surveys/ questionnaires, key informant interviews, consultation & analysis.

Expected Deliverables:

  • Develop a draft report and final report based on review by SELCO Foundation and key stakeholders.
  • To develop Report/Deck on feasibility to solar energy
  • Participate in weekly check-ins to review the progress and direction of the assessment, and present every month to the internal review team (across Agriculture, knowledge, policy, and FIs teams on key outputs and next steps)


Orientation and Work Handover to Consultant Wed, 30/12/2022 Tue, 20/01/2023
Assessment on grid connected+ solar cold storages in NE beyond SFs implementations Mon, 09/01/2023 Tue, 31/01/2023
Utilization report of existing cold storages and their case studies Thu, 2/2/2023 Sat, 2/25/2023
Evaluation of Draft Report Sun, 2/26/2023 Tue, 2/28/2023
Final Compiled Deck Thu, 3/2/2023 Wed, 3/15/2023


Interested consultants/organizations are requested to send their CVs, with a note on previous experience relevant to this project (maximum of 1 page on last experience). Send the details to and CC to with the Subject line: TOR for Ecosystem mapping & Demand estimation for Solar powered cold storage in Assam.