A Revival of Millets

Learn why millets are crucial in a world facing climate change. Embark on a journey to understand the pivotal role of millets in our changing climate on our podcast episode, "A Revival of Millets." Discover why these resilient grains are essential for sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, and climate resilience. Join the movement – A Revival of Millets, where ancient grains pave the way to a sustainable future.


Speaker bio :

Dr. Dwijendra Nath Guru - Founder : The Millet Foundation

Dr. Dwijendra Nath Guru is a passionate advocate for the transition towards a sustainable food system, addressing both ecological and socio-political aspects. Drawing upon extensive cross-sectoral experience, Dr. Dwijendra Nath Guru plays a pivotal role in identifying and developing solutions for challenges spanning people, processes, machines, and products in practical, real-world scenarios. As the leader of initiatives at Tene-Ag, Dr. Dwijendra Nath Guru spearheads the development and implementation of agricultural information systems, employing a holistic approach with IT tools to tailor solutions for each stakeholder in the agricultural supply chain. The overarching objective is to establish an integrated common platform that addresses the growing concerns surrounding food and agriculture. Beyond IT solutions, Dr. Dwijendra Nath Guru actively contributes to enhancing millet processing on a small scale. Innovations in simple tools, machines, and process flow improvements aim to reduce drudgery and increase output. Simultaneously, as a technical consultant for various organizations, including social enterprises and non-profits, Dr. Dwijendra Nath Guru provides expertise in research and development, particularly in grain processing and pest detection and control. With a strong commitment to effective communication, Dr. Dwijendra Nath Guru excels in delivering cross-disciplinary training, translating technical concepts seamlessly for non-technical audiences. Through these multifaceted efforts, Dr. Dwijendra Nath Guru significantly contributes to advancing sustainable agricultural practices and disseminating knowledge within the field.

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