A collection of stories showcasing integration of solar energy, energy efficiency and green built environments for sustainable delivery of healthcare in low-resource settings. The stories captured in this case study book are selected from a representative set of SDG7 driven solutions (i.e. Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE) solutions, combined with efficient medical appliances and climate-resilient, green built environments) deployed across 1000+ public health facilities in India in some of the most climate vulnerable districts. The stories capture qualitative and quantitative impacts, from the implications on end users on their timely access to health services and reduction of out-of-pocket expenses, to the implications on health facility staff and health centre operations. The cases bring out carbon offsets that the centres can drive. Furthermore, the cases also portray strengthening of health care innovations for low resource settings and building ecosystems for local ownership and maintenance of SDG 7 solutions within public health overtime. The compendium is aimed at sharing key learnings, insights and successful processes for furthering the health- clean energy- climate nexus.