A Collection of Different Approaches and Stories Showcasing SDG7 and Productive Use Equipment that Catalyze Sustainable Livelihoods

Humanity is bracing itself for an increasing spate of climate related events - like droughts, floods, cyclones etc. The COVID crisis seems to be trivial compared to climate change induced disasters, though in this case a mere vaccine will not help the human species from tackling its aftermath. Today, most of the brunt is being fronted by the poor across the world.

Depleting water resources, vagaries of monsoons, extreme temperatures etc. are some of the events that are making poor families defenseless. The consequences are ever grinding poverty, migration to unknown lands, social strife, trafficking etc. Time has come to create and implement appropriate solutions that can make the poor climate resilient. Today, there is strong and overwhelming evidence to prove that Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) led solutions can be that glue between development, access to essential services and climate adaptation.


The multiple case studies in the book, show case the effectiveness of DRE in making society inclusive and environmentally sustainable. Each case study brings to light the importance of decentralization, localization of ownership and end-user centricity. Democratization of program designs have led to stronger ownerships and effective financial and delivery innovations. This book hopes to bring to light the need of customization of solutions for effective impact, adoption and scale to take place: leading to robust models that are long term and in numerous ways showcase true inclusivity to rest of the world.