Breaking Boundaries

Discover why millets disappeared from Indian meals. Uncover the mystery of millets vanishing from Indian meals on our podcast episode, "Breaking Boundaries." Journey into the historical, cultural, and agricultural shifts that led to the disappearance of these nutrient-rich grains. Breaking Boundaries – where the past meets the plate, sparking a millet revolution.


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G. krishna Prasad - Director Sahaja Samruddha

Rural Karnataka’s ‘native seed man' is G. Krishna Prasad. For 20 years, he’s been leading a movement to conserve indigenous varieties of seeds. The establishment of Sahaja Samrudha was a step in this direction and the organization networks with organic farmers, promotes knowledge and information and also enables exchange of seeds. Krishna Prasad is creating a new market for organic farming in India by leveraging the knowledge and networks of existing farmers to revive and maintain traditional varieties of seeds and commercialize organic seeds. Krishna Prasad believes that the assured supply of quality organic seeds is the first step towards the preservation of traditional varieties of seeds and organic farming.

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