Seeds of Change

Embark on a riveting exploration of the podcast episode "Seeds of Change'' as we unravel the intricate role of policy in shaping India's millet ecosystem. Journey through the regulatory landscapes that impact millet cultivation, and witness the transformative influence policies wield on agricultural practices. Join us in understanding how these seeds of change germinate, creating a profound impact on the future of millets in India. "Seeds of Change'' unveils the dynamic interplay between policy decisions and the flourishing millet ecosystem, offering insights into the nuanced world of Indian agriculture


Speaker bio :

Dr. Vilas A Tonapi - Former Director, IIMR

Dr. Vilas A Tonapi, an esteemed figure in the field of Seed Technology, served as the former Director at the Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR) since 1990. His extensive experience encompasses roles in administration, research management, and strategic leadership. In his former position, Dr. Tonapi not only oversees the administrative and research aspects at IIMR but also holds the role of Project Coordinator for the All India Coordinated Research Project on Sorghum (AICRP). His responsibilities spanned coordinating trials and nurseries, addressing strategic concerns in the seed industry, and delving into issues related to crop and seed ecology, seed systems, and intellectual property rights (IPR). Dr. Tonapi's impactful contributions include his pivotal role in planning, developing, and managing crop improvement programs, employing both conventional and biotechnology-led approaches. His expertise covers the entire spectrum of seed production, from breeder to certified, encompassing varieties, composites, hybrids, and parent plants. Recognized for his outstanding achievements, Dr. Tonapi has received prestigious awards, such as the ICAR-IISR award for significant contributions in Seed Science & Technology and the National Seed Project (Crops) award. Beyond his leadership at IIMR, Dr. Tonapi actively collaborates with various institutions globally, contributing to international research missions and endeavors that shape the future of seed technology and agricultural research. His commitment extends to community seed systems, farmer-saved seeds, and postgraduate education in seed technology. Dr. Vilas A Tonapi remains a prominent and influential figure in advancing seed research, IPR, and plant variety protection

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