Millets Unplugged

Uncover the pivotal role of decentralization in millet processing and the solar energy revolution on our podcast episode, "Millets Unplugged." Delve into the transformative journey of shifting from centralized to decentralized processing, empowering local communities and fostering sustainability. Explore how solar energy emerges as a central force, revolutionizing millet processing setups. Join us as we illuminate the synergy between decentralization, green energy, and the resurgence of millets, marking a significant step towards a resilient future. "Millets Unplugged" unravels the harmony of decentralized millet processing, where solar energy takes center stage in this agricultural symphony.


Speaker bio :

Ravindra Adusumilli - Executive Director, WASSAN.

Ravindra, A heads WASSAN. He has a background of Agriculture Sciences and Development Economics; studied at Centre for Development Studies and Wageningen University. He has been working on the issues of rainfed agriculture, conceptualised and led several projects at WASSAN on drought adaptation/ mitigation, watershed development, rainfed agriculture, livelihoods development, adaptation to climate change and also some of the large scale government projects. He was a member of the NRM sub-group of the erstwhile Planning Commission and was member of the drafting committees for the group for the 11th and 12th Five Year plans. He has a major contribution in evolving the national Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network.

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