Solar powered mobile photocopy and printer shop entrepreneur

Ilayaraja – Photocopy Machine and Printer

Disability Livelihood Micro Business


Illaiyaraja belongs to Madurai district, and has a four member family. He earns a living by filing application forms for people, in the campus of the Madurai collectorate. Through this, he would earn INR 6000 per month, approximately. His wife works as a daily wage labor in a flour mill with an income of INR 5000 per month. He also gets INR 1,000 per month as disability pension from the state government. He rides a 2-wheeler vehicle customized for physically challenged people to reach his place of work. Earlier, he was only able to offer services for filling the forms and online applications. For photocopy of the required documents, people were supposed to step out of the collectorate campus to avail this service. He envisaged it as a potential opportunity. However, carrying a xerox machine in his vehicle with a reliable power source was a hurdle.


Technology Solution

A solar powered photocopy/printing machine was installed in his vehicle along with a steel box. The box is made of mild steel to ensure it is light weighted and not cumbersome for him. Sponge was kept inside the box to avoid the effect of vibration, due to vehicle’s movement. The position of the printer is as per the needs and desired ergonomics of Ilayaraja. The panels have been installed at his home along with 2 portable batteries. The batteries get charged at his house and he carries each battery in the front of his vehicle on alternate days. He connects a smart phone to the printer fortaking printouts. The box has been painted with vibrant colors and informative design, to attract customers.


Financial Solution

The total cost of the intervention is INR 60,524. Out of that INR 39,924 was paid by the end user, through a hand loan. Rest of the amount was contributed by the SELCO Foundation.


“I was aware of the opportunity of earning through a photocopy/print out business in the Collectorate office campus, but I did not know how to access this. This concept of portable printer/photocopy machine has helped me in increasing my income. I am confident that once, situation is back to normal, I will be able to make more money from this business. I am also planning to buy a second-hand laptop, to make my work easier.”




The intervention has helped the entrepreneur in expanding the range of service in his existing business. He is getting more orders from employees of the collectorate through e-mail and WhatsApp. His income has increased by INR 6000-7000 per month because of the intervention.