The poor in India and rest of the world, are bearing the brunt of two problems: poverty and climate change, which are considerably overlapped.

Climate change in many places is not only affecting the existing poor in the country but also creating circumstances for future poverty.

The faces of climate change are many - cyclones, floods, draught, heatwaves, etc. The effect of all is mainly borne by one segment of human society: the poor.

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These Women Want to Save Pottery - Solar Powered Pottery Wheels


Sustainable energy access is enabling improvement in lives of India's most vulnerable communities

We partner with end-users who most need sustainable energy solutions and innovate with them.

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SELCO Foundation works towards driving the nexus between climate change, poverty alleviation and sustainable energy.

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We innovate using sustainable energy to solve the most pressing problems faced by the underserved and vulnerable communities

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We build ecosystems which enable effective and efficient delivery and sustenance of solutions

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We support and enable young, grassroot level enterprises to deliver sustainable solutions and services at the very last mile

We envision India as an Innovation and R&D Center of the World

SELCO Foundation has a cross-sectoral team of holistic thinkers: ones who strive to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo.

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Harish Hande

Chief Executive Officer

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Huda Jaffer

Lead Designer

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Joby VK

Chief Financial Officer

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Rachita Misra

Associate Director - Knowledge and Advocacy

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Roshan Mascheranhas

Associate Director - Operations

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Sarah Alexander

Senior Advisor