Solar Powered Petty Shop

Petty Shop Entrepreneur – Energy Access and Built Environment

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Mangala is a single mother of two school going children. She owns and runs a small petty shop since the past 20 years in a small village of Chitradurga district. In her shop she sells snacks and tea in the evenings. Besides the shop, she owns two autos which she usually gives out for rent. The combined income from the shop and autos on an average was INR 18,000 to INR 20,000 per month, prior to the lock-down. Post lock-down, her income reduced by at least 50%, putting financial stress.


Built Environment

Mangala’s shop is located adjacent to her house and near the panchayat office and a few schools. She sells soft drinks, other packaged beverages, dairy products etc., which she stores in her domestic fridge at her home. She is not able to store in bulk there and needs to go to the main market regularly to purchase more. The shop is in a dilapidated structure, hence a shed (10x15 ft size), would not only accommodate the needs of her business but also improve the quality of her workspace.



“My shop was almost collapsing - a renovation such as this has helped me diversify my business. Before I used to sell snacks, cigarettes and some beverages. Now with having a fridge I'm able to store a lot more soft drinks and milk.”




Mangala’s shop was upgraded and a session was conducted with her to identify potential services to diversify her income further. The placement of the shop holds huge potential in photocopying services. Thus, her cashflows were worked upon for incorporation of a solar powered photocopy machine and a fridge. Her shop was also redesigned so it could be open till late in the night and provide stability and security to the business- ie securing her assets from damage or theft.