Poultry Lighting Solutions for Small Holder Farmers

Individual Entrepreneur Model

Animal Husbandry Livelihood


The National Smallholder Poultry Development Trust counted over 13,000 smallholder poultry producers across four states among its members as of 2018.

Poultry farms need proper lighting, typically of upto 12 hours, for live birds' activities at the farm level for better feeding and drinking. Lighting plays a pivotal role in poultry production: the intensity, duration, colour, and source of light can be managed to control various behaviours and traits.

Commonly used sources of fuel such as kerosene lanterns and candles are inappropriate solutions for farms for various reasons. Further, the end-users in this case comprise landless labourers and need budget-friendly solutions.



SELCO Foundation implemented 55 numbers of 5-watt lighting systems in Palkot and Raidih blocks of Gumla district in Jharkhand state. Each lamp offers 12 hours of backup, making for three days of autonomous usage.



50% reduction in mortality rate: Before the intervention, the mortality rate was around 8%. After the intervention, it halved and stands at 4% now.

33% reduction in losses of birds: Due to mortality rates, losses per batch before the intervention stood at approximately 12000/-; after implementation of the solar light design, the loss per batch reduced to approximately 8000/-. Losses also include losses of investment, profits, and earnings. Because the cooperative takes on the overall loss, members’ income decreases.

+10,000/- profit per batch: Profit per batch before intervention was approximately 30000/-. After the intervention, profit per batch increased to approximately 40000/-.