Grinding to a Halt

Learn about the ecosystem that boosts millets. Dive into the intricate ecosystem that propels the growth of millets on our podcast episode, "Grinding to a Halt." "Grinding to a Halt" sheds light on the delicate balance that makes millets not just a crop but a cornerstone of a sustainable future


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Umakant, CEO - Swasthya FPO, Sindhanur, Raichur

Umakant, as the committed CEO of Swasthya, a distinguished Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) in Sindhanur, Raichur, is a leading advocate for sustainable agricultural practices and renewable energy solutions. Steering Swasthya towards seamlessly integrating renewable energy initiatives in agriculture, Umakant's visionary approach focuses on leveraging eco-friendly resources to enhance environmental sustainability and productivity. Under his dynamic leadership, Swasthya has become a beacon of innovation contributing significantly to local farmers' resilience and self-sufficiency. Through his strategic leadership, Swasthya has emerged as a catalyst for positive change, exemplifying the profound impact of renewable energy on agricultural practices in Sindhanur, Raichur. Umakant's dedication to sustainable agriculture establishes him as a key influencer in FPOs and rural development, underscoring Swasthya's pivotal role in driving positive change within the agricultural landscape.on, actively promoting the adoption of renewable energy solutions among the local farming community. Umakant's advocacy for decentralization aligns with Swasthya's mission,

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22 Aug 2023

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