For the technology solutions we work on, we ensure the following criteria are met:

To have positive social impact in areas of basic well-being, health, education and livelihoods of deserved / marginalised populations

Be in the realm of energy efficiency, sustainable energy and sustainability

Show a case for need, demand, replicability and financial sustainability

Are built on the spirit of inclusive engagement and co-design

Technology Unlocking/Leveraging approach

We discover technological problems in various developmental sectors and value chains, from a grassroot practitioners perspective.
Thereafter, we prototype, test and implement livelihood appliance solutions powered by solar to learn further, with each livelihood, bringing in new processes to consider in the innovation process.
We iteratively develop such solutions and help manufacturers integrate changes in their technologies as well as to scale their technologies. We help identify technology deployment risks, and help innovators, manufacturers and suppliers prepare for them.

Our Technology Programs


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Empowering livelihoods by designing need-based, decentralised solutions building energy efficiency to improve affordability. We do this using a design thinking, ecosystems building and collaborative approach.

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