For the policy solutions we work on, we ensure the following criteria are met:

Insights and Inferences are drawn from practitioner experience and oriented towards practical action

Are cognizant of steps to be taken across governmental levels - national, regional and local

Are interdisciplinary in nature, built on cross-sectoral engagement with energy nexus stakeholders

Are built on the spirit of inclusive engagement and co-design

Policy Unlocking/Leveraging approach

Identification of needs for new conducive policies or bottlenecks in existing policies aimed towards the integration of sustainable energy in nexus sectors
Determining best practices, policy schemes, models and processes, and contextualising as well as formalising these for sustainable energy led solutions
Working with key stakeholders in energy nexus sectors to co-design policies, guidelines, implementation frameworks, demonstrating the efficacy of solutions & enabling feedback loops.

Our Technology Programs


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Empowering livelihoods by designing need-based, decentralised solutions building energy efficiency to improve affordability. We do this using a design thinking, ecosystems building and collaborative approach.

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