Understanding the link between energy access or sustainable energy and livelihood improvement, the innovations build holistic models that increase and secure income levels of under-served families.

With technology evolving at a fast pace, today the focus has been on increasing efficiency and productivity at an industrial level. However, there has been very little work done on looking at energy efficiency and needs of smaller livelihoods and entrepreneurs. Further, absence of affordable financial linkages and general lack of access to markets has deprived many low income communities from improving their economic status. SELCO Foundation is exploring various interventions that would explore the role of renewable energy and energy efficiency to enhance livelihoods and productivity through sustainable solutions. Categories of intervention range from secure livelihoods to insecure livelihoods that are marginal or seasonal.

Additionally, the projects illustrated under this category, recognize that increase in production does not necessarily translate to increase in income. Understanding feasibility of each technology in terms of the social and financial aspects, and linking to market linkages is critical. The other aspects are entrepreneur training, product value-add and diversification, in addition to the technology itself.


Lok Seva Kendra

Centre providing basic print services to serve regular needs of tribal communiti

Training of Trainers

The initiative aims to train trainers to reach more potential technicians and de


Strengthening financial capital of drum-makers using sustainable frameworks.

Solar Looms

Developing a thriving ecosystem for decentralized weaver clusters through clean


Mini-grid can be a sustainable energy access model, given appropriate financial


Preserving a vibrant textile patchwork handicraft, by empowering women artisans

Silk reeling

Alleviating the strenuous and hazardous thigh reeling manual process of yarn ree

Inventing Green

To make renewable energy systems into sustainable energy systems by re-looking a

Micro-Entrepreneur Development

The program supports Micro Enterprises and the corresponding eco-system, through

Energy Centers

Centrally charged solar powered hubs for that provide access to need based servi

Portable Water Pump

Solar Powered Portable Water Pumps for Small Holding Farmers.

Blacksmithy Blower

Renewable energy solution combined with affordable finance for poor blacksmiths.


Renewable energy technologies for agricultural processing generate sustainable l

Sewing Machine

Expanding livelihood opportunities and encouraging entrepreneurial growth of tai

Roti Rolling

Increasing and stabilizing incomes for Roti making entreprenuers by providing re


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